Preparing my wardrobe for Autumn

Organising is literally one of those things I do in life that just fills me with so much satisfaction and joy.

Where most people would shudder at the sight of a huge pile of laundry I honestly enjoy the process of washing, drying and ironing each piece organising into piles before re-organising it for a second time into the wardrobes and drawers. I have always been a bit of an organisation freak and like things to be done properly and won’t begin a task unless I know it will be done whole heartedly. My wardrobe in particular is one thing I like just so. I hang absolutely everything that I wear that is classed as my capsule this will include vest tops and tshirts which I realise are popular garments for folding but I am literally one of those very visual people and if it’s not hung up where I can see it I probably won’t wear it. Plus I can’t stand messy drawers so this also eliminates this issue.

Well that time of year has rolled around again when I do my bi-annual wardrobe switch up and this time I thought I would document the process as I go incase there are any other ladies out there with an internal Monica just eager to burst out. If you are wanting to give a seasonal wardrobe a whirl stock up on hangers, a decent roll of bin liners and some kind of storage solution such as suitcase, storage boxes, under bed drawer or vacuum bags if you’re a fancy pants 😉 Come and join me for a good old sort out; you ready?!…….

1. Make a bucket size cuppa

2. Remove every single item from wardrobe so it’s left completely empty

3. Clean wardrobe with antibacterial wipes or spray including rail and shelving. You will be surprised how dusty the inside of your wardrobe actually is and this will really freshen it up!

4. Pick up each item and decide is it transitional? (can you get a few more weeks wear before the real cold weather hits?), is it a Summer season only piece? (if so put to one side in one pile) but first have a think is it worth keeping in storage to bring out next summer if not decide to either sell, donate or bin.

5. If it’s Autumn through to Winter season appropriate pop it into the wardrobe I find keeping items in category order (shirt, blouse, long sleeve top etc) most useful when piecing a look together also each category is put into some sort of colour order

6. Using similar hangers so they all hang in uniform neat and tidy. I start with camis and tank tops then T-shirts, long sleeve tops, blouses then shirts, thin knits then leggings,trousers, jeans, shorts, skirts then jackets, macs and coats.

7. Now I will take out the autumn things i have in storage see if I am still happy with each item could it be replaced/fixed/updated with new buttons etc

8. Now is also a good idea to take notes of items you are missing like a few new long sleeve tops in a few different colours, new tights, new chunky knit cardigan that goes over all dress options, fresh leggings etc

9. Once everything is back in my wardrobe I then begin popping shoes back in all the summer sandals, flip flops and wedges etc on the high shelve out of the way and all my flat boots, shoe boots, loafers etc at the front and bottom so they are easier to locate

10. Now onto knitwear I tend to roll the chunkier knits and pop in a drawer and the really thin ones I hang in the wardrobe

11. There is always a drawer for miscellaneous items and overflow coats and jackets I don’t wear too often

12. And a drawer for occasion wear as these days I rarely go out out so it’s pointless using up unnecessary hanging space, I hang only my day wardrobe which all mixes and matches

13. Now I have a capsule wardrobe of day wear, making each morning a breeze when choosing something, as everything in my wardrobe is an option and all mixes and matches wonderfully

I urge anyone to try this wardrobe switch up seasonally I do this twice a year spring/summer time then autumn/winter as there are so many benefits. It saves you so much time getting ready as it limits your choices so you can’t be too picky, you don’t keep pulling out summer dresses and feeling depressed when it’s minus 2 outside, you actually get wear out if everything as 1 you can actually see it and 2 you loved the item enough to keep it when you were doing your mass clear out and you aren’t over whelmed by an over stuffed rail with items spilling out feeling stressed before you even start your day. Plus there’s nothing like pulling out things from the previous season you totally forgot about it’s almost like you just went shopping for free!

I hope this has inspired you a little to give this method a try it will really help to clear your mind if nothing else – happy organising!


  1. Excellent thoroughly impressed what my daughter has accomplished in viewing her ways on the blog.
    Over the years she has helped me declutter the clutter and it does help to have a clear mind and a clear sense of direction .
    And a tidy and neat wardrobe and drawers to find what you are looking for..


  2. I’m also a fan of being super organised , makes my life easier and happier for all in the family
    Lovely read Amy , look forward to some more especially a Christmassy one xx


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