The most important thing I want my children to learn from me

I often think if I had only one last thing to say to my children, apart from the obvious “I love you” it would be this….

“Always have a grateful heart & appreciate life. You will come to realise that gratitude is the secret to happiness for life. Every type of true happiness starts with gratitude.”

A grateful person is a content person. When you are content, you are more fulfilled. When you are more fulfilled, you are much happier. When you are happier, you are a more positive person. When you are a positive person, you are less critical. When you are less critical you are a kinder person. It is a wonderfully positive chain reaction. One positive thing leads on to another and it all begins with that most important point – gratitude”.

If my children learn to be grateful, truly grateful, then they have learned the secret to true happiness for life.

I am truly happy and content with everything I have in life and everyone that I have in it.

As a young girl, all I ever wanted was to be a Mummy and a housewife, so really I have achieved what I set out for in life as simple as that is. Of course I had dreams of jobs, places I wanted to go and goals I wanted to aim for but for the main part I dreamt of being happily married with children. So when I say I have achieved all I hoped for it’s because when it comes down to it, these 2 blessings are all that actually matter. I would also hope that as my children grow they develop some idea of their purpose in life. I have discovered a way to working out your individual purpose in life which I will post on in the near future.

I wish for my children to learn many ways of showing gratitude to others. Saying Thank you is actually pretty easy, but to extend on that Thank you really shows it’s delivered with real meaning. Acknowledging someone on the fact they are doing a great job and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. To Thank someone and explain how you really appreciate their kindness supports your genuine gratitude.

I really hope they appreciate small luxuries in life, as I have realised this is something I personally feel strongly about. I feel I am rich in many, many ways that do not involve lots and lots of money. I truly feel happy for anyone who is super wealthy and celebrate their successes, but as I do not fall in this category myself, I’m not about to sit and dwell on the fact I will probably never afford a pair of Valentino Rockstuds. (They do a great dupe in Primark anyway).

I have been dealt a life with health, happiness and a wonderful family and would never take that for granted or wish for anymore. I feel satisfied with the simple normalities of daily life and I want my children to learn from this too.

Saying goodbye to Summer and thinking back on the last few days I shared with my children of their 6 week break, I fondly remembered this. A day playing in the park, a picnic on the field, then sandcastles on the beach, splashing in the sea and a cornetto ice cream. This wouldn’t be enough had I not been grateful for the simple little things. We enjoyed a full day of laughter and memory making all for free and these are the things my children will remember. Walking hand in hand towards the waves, jumping and splashing around. Laughing, smiling, being happy- being grateful.

Take a moment to think about something that you are truly grateful for today.

I am very grateful for your time in reading my post today.


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