No Birthday Presents Please 💝

I would like to start by saying that this is in no way a post to flaunt how much of a ‘Saint’ I ‘think’ I am, nor is this to make anybody feel bad about receiving birthday gifts. Hell, I love nothing more than opening a few specially wrapped parcels when that big day swings around, who doesn’t? It is after all one of the main things we all associate our special day with and then I thought about birthday’s. What they actually mean. A celebration of birth and to mark another year of being blessed to grace this earth. I became extremely mindful of how thankful I am to of been able to celebrate 31 birthday’s so far. I realise many people haven’t, or won’t have that good fortune and for that reason, I became inspired to give something back. Of course I appreciate a bottle of beautiful perfume, a glamorous makeup pallet or a bottle of my favourite wine with a side box of macarons. I am a lady who practices gratitude daily, so this goes without saying that I am extremely thankful of the thought that goes into these treats. Each birthday I have celebrated I have been fortunate to have been gifted so many wonderful things which I have always loved. However this year I have decided, I wish to receive- nothing. I realised I am capable of going one birthday without more things, and here’s why…

Some news came about recently of a small child who has become really sick in an area local to me. Being a mother of 3 myself my heart hurt when I heard what was happening. I am no hero, I can’t save the world nor do I think what I’m about to do is anything particularly special. I won’t be making a song and dance about it for attention. I am merely posting on this subject in the hope that it will inspire maybe just one person to consider the same, for just one of their birthday’s.

So what I will do is politely ask anyone who was thinking about spending money on a small gift for me, to instead set aside the money it would of cost to buy, to put altogether in an envelope to give to this child’s family. For a present for her, or to go towards a family day out, even if it’s just to fuel their car for a journey to the hospital. This year a gift of giving back would mean the world to me. It will also in return make the person who gifted the money, feel happy at the realisation that they have also given back in a small way too. I am the biggest believer in that money doesn’t buy happiness and I am aware that it can’t physically magic someone better. What I do hope for though, is that perhaps a gift of money could ease the pressure off just one day in this family’s life. If that means me skipping a year of gifts for a smile on a little child’s face then that is more than worth it.

Is this something you would maybe consider doing one year for a charity close to your heart perhaps?

Thank you so much for reading my post today.

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