What I love about Autumn๐Ÿ

I remember my love of Autumn starting as far back as the age of around 4. I had a bright yellow rain mac, with white plastic popper buttons and a pair of red wellies. I just loved to wear them and I still remember the nostalgic smell they both came with. I had a short walk to my little village school, over the playing field, up the cinder path of crispy, crunchy brown leaves. Wrapped up in a scarf breathing in the cool air aroma. The fun lessons in the classroom, using colourful leaves to create prints on craft paper. I remember the yummiest dinners being served at this time of year, I would tuck into Shepherd’s pie, followed by jam sponge with the hundreds and thousands and thick warm custard. The teacher asking us the question, what is your favourite season? Me replying without hesitation- Autumn.

Skip forward almost 3 decades and most people in the real world, begin the mourn of Summer as soon as their Jet2 lands. There’s also the internet world, who relish the thought of all the Instagram shots they can throw out of themselves clutching the famous ‘spiced latte’. Autumn got trendy it seems. Thinking about how fast this year has flown by and how we are casting a long farewell to the lighter evenings, I decided I wanted to club together all the things I love about this Season.

1). Bucket Lists- There is something about creating lists that just completes my life. In particular a list of Autumnal ideas, such as crafts with the children, days out and general cosy seasonal fun. I love nothing more than compiling a packed list of things to do.

2). Food- All the comfort food. I’m talking stews with buttered crusty bread, spag bol, shepherd’s pie, chilli con carne, roast dinners and sausage casserole, yum, yum.

3). Comfort Drinks- Is this even a thing? I’m calling it a thing ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mine are Options orange hot chocolate, huge mugs of tea and Chilean merlot. Also worth a mention, no cinnamon or pumpkin spiced lattes, I can’t stand them and I’m proud to steer clear of the cliche in this category. I can’t promise I won’t be so predictable from her on though ๐Ÿ˜‰

4). Darker Evenings- I just love not having an excuse to draw the curtains by 6pm and snuggling down with my family. Also any mum will know what I mean here when I say, early darker evenings equals a bedtime that is much before 8pm- bonus!

5). All the colours- I am a sucker for a scenic view and what better than one of fabulous trees full of rich red and golden leaves, fallen acorns and pine cones. In this particular season, nature is by far the most beautiful in my opinion.

6). Celebrations- Yes, I am that lady who goes all out on every occasion ever invented and this quarter of the year is no exception. I love Halloween, Bonfire Night and my birthday also falls in Autumn. I do love jumping on the bandwagon and decorating the house for each event. Trick or treating with the children, doing a themed Bonfire Night with all the chilli con carne and toffee apples. Watching the fireworks displays, oh I am super excited thinking about it all. I always say “it’s for the children, they love it” when really I do it for me too!

7). Clothes- I love to treat Autumn like a pre-fresh start before the big one in January (aka New Year) and one major part of this is my wardrobe change up. I love switching up my Spring/Summer wardrobe for my Autumn/Winter one, have a huge clear out and shop for the new season. I love all the ankle boots, snuggly scarves, chunky jumpers, beanies, the lot. It is certainly my favourite Season for dressing myself. The style and Autumnal fashion is right up there with things I love about this season.

TV- My husband and I are not big TV watchers throughout the year, in fact we pretty much only ever really watch the odd movie, but come Autumn and there’s actually programmes to take you right up until Christmas. X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, I’m a Celebrity, Bake Off, Children in Need, suddenly TV got good again.

9). Seasonal Scents- All the Yankees are out in force, the Air Wick is doing it spritzy thang, we have the Wax Melts on heat and the Plug In’s are all in place. One thing they all have in common, they all smell like baked goods. That signature Autumnal scent of warm gingerbready/spiced apples/cinnamony goodness fills my nostrils with joy!

10). Everywhere is much quieter- Well everything outdoorsy at least. Finally I can go to the park without rugby tackling anyone in the way of the zip wire, so my child who has been waiting patiently for 20 minutes can actually get a turn. Not that I ever go to the pub, but I reckon if the moment occurred where I fancied sitting in a beer garden, now would be a perfect time to be guaranteed a free bench. I live in a seaside town and the beach is rife throughout the entire Summer, so this time of year is great for a good solid 20 miles of empty sand. You just have to remember to don 7 layers and a pair of gloves.

11). Pampering- Autumnal pampering is definitely my favourite kind. Lighting a baked gingerbread scented candle and sinking into a hot bubble bath that reaches my chin. Body buttering with honey and syrupy smelling lotions, switching nude and French polished mani/pedi’s for darker, richer shades. Strangely I decide the season nobody actually sees so much of a centimetre of my body, Is the time I have it tip-top. Well apart from the slight muffin top from all that comfort food, but hey extra warmth I say ๐Ÿ˜‰

12). Seasonal Baking- Finally the baking. Oh the baking, everyone knows about the seasonal baking so I don’t need to go into too much detail. Just be assured that there is shortbread at the ready, pretty much every weekend in my home throughout the rest of the year, if you ever get peckish.

So there you have it, all the things I love most about Autumn. I’m off to go and wrap myself up in a huge blanket and hibernate for the evening.

what is your favourite season and what are the things you love most?

Thank you for reading my post today


  1. I Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post for October 12th. All the things i love about autumn . Especually all things you have listed . I also recall the day I brought you the yellow coat and you insisted the wellies had to be red..

    Love mum xxx


  2. I love reading your bloggs, I feel inspired after reading them. Keep on making people happy, its what you were born to do. From your very proud Daddy


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