37 Random Facts About Me

Generally, as people go, I would say I am a complete open book. Quite often if I’m feeling it, thinking it or doing it, whatever ‘it’ might be, I never really hide it. I love finding out new things about people, whether they are someone I’m meeting for the first time or even more so, when it’s somebody I’ve known for a long time. I could be on a quick shopping trip with a friend and she points out something she loves, which I never knew she even liked before. Or perhaps a family member announces they are going somewhere I would never expect them to enjoy in a million years. Life is full of surprises and the fact we all like or dislike different things is what keeps it exciting. Which got me thinking about the random facts about myself, the ones that a lot of people wouldn’t know or realise about me. Some of them I probably wouldn’t of really thought about much myself, had I not wrote this post. It’s actually an interesting little thing to try when you have a minute’s headspace. Have a think about the random little things about yourself that people may not know about you, it can trigger something you may of forgotten about yourself and could encourage you to explore that ‘something’ once more.

I decided to put together a quick post, I suppose it’s kind of like a ‘get to know me’ where you can find out a few things about the person behind this blog. They are totally random facts about nothing in general and I chose 37 as that’s also a very random number 😉

If you fancy something a bit different and are at all intrigued have a read on…

1). I am a married mum of three- two handsome Son’s and a beautiful Daughter.

2). I have always wanted to tick off as many life goals as I possibly can, as soon as possible and still do. I hit 17 and I just had to pass my driving test, I had to work as soon as I was allowed, I wanted to get married, have a family, buy a house etc. I figured from an early age how fast life flies by and the way I look at everything is, if you know for sure you want certain things in your life eventually, what’s wrong with having it now?!

3). This leads me on to the next fact, which is I can be ridiculously inpatient when I have something in my head. If I want to do something I kind of wanted it done yesterday!

4). I’m a bit of a control freak, not of others but of myself. I have to be organised, have routine, Live tidily and plan ahead.

5). My three favourite ‘not so healthy’ things to eat are marmite on toast, pizza and Doritos – carb ahoy!

6). I wore braces for 2 years from the age of 14-16.

7). I was in a marching band when I was in Primary School and a cheerleader when in High School, quite the opposites.

8). I love to indulge in a small glass of merlot at teatime, (unless I know I will have to drive somewhere of course) but as I have always been a moderate drinker, I am the biggest lightweight on a night out and will almost always switch to Diet Coke after 1 large glass.

9). I am a total morning person and I especially like a Monday morning- I love the feeling of a fresh start to a new week.

10). I am horrendous at every sport ever invented, my power walk is even questionable.

11). My celebrity crushes as a teen we’re Peter Andre and Craig David.

12). My all time favourite song is “All I want for Christmas is you” by Maria Carey.

13). My favourite scents are either coconut or vanilla.

14). I am an extremely loyal person and very trustworthy.

15). I hate modern technology and live very basically, it just doesn’t interest me and I really don’t understand how to work things.

16). I can’t watch anything remotely scary so horror films are never an option.

17). I have never broken a bone.

18). Favourite colour is blush pink.

19). I hate Harry Potter.

20). I worked as an extra in a few TV programmes when I was younger and auditioned for a few shows, one of them being Big Brother!

21). I am obsessed with Christmas I had to of been Mrs Claus in a past life or maybe even a turkey, either way Christmas is my all time favourite thing to celebrate.

22). I have always really wanted to be fluent in French.

23). I just can’t do geography. I never know where countries are, I am horrendous at reading a map and I have zero sense of direction.

24). I have been driving almost 14 years and I have never, ever put air in tyres to this day.

25). I really love going to weddings.

26). If I could have any super power it would be the power to heal people.

27). I can’t stand dance music like ‘house’ or ‘hard style’ call me a Nana but it just does my head in.

28). I’m terrible at swimming for more than 24 seconds.

29). My favourite Disney film is Moana.

30). I can’t stand the cold and have Reynaud’s syndrome, so cold weather really effects my circulation.

31). My favourite standard crisps flavour is Ready Salted, if it’s Doritos it always cool original.

32). I always sleep with an eye mask on every single night.

33). My favourite season is Autumn.

34). My first pet was a white rabbit called, drum roll please……. Snowy I’m super original like that.

35). I don’t really tend to ‘touch wood’, I often believe by doing so you throw off the balance of something going well. I don’t believe in jinx’s, superstitions or luck.

36). 90% of my wardrobe is most probably from New Look.

37). Finally, I may not be the most exciting woman in the world (which I am completely fine with by the way) but I am happy, grateful and content with my life and that’s a fact I’m proud of.

Have you any random facts someone may not know about you? Why not share one in a conversation next time, you may surprise someone. Something that might not seem very interesting to you just might be to someone else!

To end on, here are 3 random facts I’ve learned about us humans in general-

1). During our lifetime we will spend on average 38 days brushing our teeth.

2). Also during our life time we will all produce enough saliva to each fill 2 average sized swimming pools.

3). Our eyes are always the same size from birth but our nose and ears never stop growing.

Thanks for reading my post today✨


  1. I stumbled into your blog this morning, and I loved the random facts! But only two “average sized” swimming pools? I guess that’s still a lot of spit … and it makes for a terrible visual …


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