Last minute Halloween prep ๐ŸŽƒ

Honestly I can’t quite believe how long I have left it to get my Halloween on. Not through choice or lack of trying to but time has frankly got away with me the last couple of weeks. I usually decorate the house and start prepping by the end of the first week in October, yes that early, but this year not so.

All is not lost though, I managed the decorations last Friday (26th) and I’ve been full pelt crafting, baking and creating with the kiddos since.

Our entire Halloween creations have cost a grand total of around ยฃ12 (Thank you Poundland) but it really should have been zero, had I not thrown away our entire collection of decks we bring out each year, by accident (downside to being a religious clearer outer) but that’s another story.

Today we have carved and painted the pumpkin. We leave everything to the children when it comes to the design and decoration,we just obviously do the dangerous bit, aka the carving. So we usually find everything can look a bit rustic and sometimes, a quite literal mess but at least they get stuck in and enjoy themselves.

I realised as the day went on today I had forgotten to replace my ‘trick or treat’ bowl to hold all of the sweeties. Instead of spending more money I decided I would knock one up myself using my mixing bowl, some sellotape and some of the left over cobwebs and spiders I had. This is a good idea for anyone who hasn’t got a fancy themed bowl for handing out the treats at the door, or just forgot one like me.

We decided a dive in the craft box was essential to really finish off our decorating and create some spooky nick nacks. We often collect random toilet roll holders, paper cups etc for a rainy day and they really came in handy today. We made some ‘mummy surprises’, which are sweetie stuffed toilet roll holders, wrapped in loo roll with some googley eyes. These are great for decor and then to hand to the trick or treaters. We made these last year I believe I found the idea on Pinterest.

The pipe cleaners were out next. Now these are super simple but really effective hanging spiders. You literally take 4 of them and knot together, stick on a smiley face and attach another pipe cleaner to create the hanger.

Spot the Poundland pick & mix cup? ๐Ÿ˜ I challenge anyone to walk into that shop and leave without even being temped! We used 2 of these to make a pair of hanging ghouls, you can do so much with toilet paper it seems.

We have now put everything in place and are about to settle down to watch The Corpse Bride. My children are looking forward to a fun day tomorrow of dressing up, fun themed dinner and some trick or treating to a few local people we know. Happy Halloween, hope you all have a fang~tastic time ๐Ÿ‘ป๐ŸŽƒ

Thanks for reading โœจ


  1. Hi my love, loving the Halloween prep ideas. I honestly donโ€™t know how you come up with all of it and find the time are you dressing as superwoman tomorrow? I think thatโ€™s the right costume for you! I will definitely be trying some of these ideas (next year lol).
    Hope you all have a ghoulish Halloween love you all loads xxx


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