Skincare Routine And Products I Use

I have always been interested in skincare, make up and pampering products since quite an early age. I fondly remember from around 10 or 11 years old always wanting to do make overs on my Nana. She would sit so patiently for so long, whilst I brushed her hair, filed and polished her nails and went to town with blue eye shadow and rosy pink blusher. Staying over at her and Grandad’s house was always a dream and I remember always being in awe of all the wonderful products in their bathroom especially. All royal jelly, luxury M&S and my favourite talc dish with a huge hand puff to dust the most delightfully, scented power on after a dip in their jacuzzi bath. My love of pampering only grew from there on, which in time took me on to college to study beauty therapy. It was there I learned the real importance of a really good skin care routine. I am religious at removing my make up thoroughly every single night. Even after a big night out I will never forgot to remove my makeup, only on those rare occasions when I see past 11pm will I reach for a baby wipe. I have learned what products work best for my skin over the years and what brand I favour most for quality, value and most importantly gives the best results. I have put together a brief post on what I do, what I use and why I use it. If you don’t yet have a proper skincare routine or are interested in discovering some new products read on…

I remember it being my 30th birthday when I started using the skincare range by L’Oréal, so that is exactly 2 years ago. I used their Age Perfect moisturiser every day and night for a year and a half, until this summer when I solely switched to using bio oil every single night. Now I only need a very light moisturiser, which I apply only in the morning and the one I use is super cheap and cheerful.

L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil, Facial Cleansing Oil ~ I have pretty normal skin which only tends to shine slightly at the end of the day, but I would say this is mostly down to the oils in my makeup, rather than my actual skin. Apart from being normal it can be prone to the odd blemish but other than that I can’t complain. For me, I believe using an oil cleanser is one of, if not the best way to remove my makeup. The oil really helps to break down the make up residue and is beyond amazing when it comes to melting down stubborn mascara and removing lipstick stained lips. Many people avoid oil based cleansers for fear of leaving them with greasy skin, but it can in fact help balance out the oils in your face. Micellar waters and face wipes are quick for removing makeup, but I find them rather drying over a period of time and they can sometimes strip the natural oils from your skin. In turn this can actually leads to over production of natural oils, which could leave you even more greasy and prone to breakouts. Oils are also great for mature skins too as they are rather softening, less harsh and can help reduce the appearance of fine lines over time. I pop my hair back with a headband, applying some pressure I massage 4/5 pumps of the oil all over my face for a minute or so, paying close attention to the eyelashes and eyebrows. I remove with a facecloth and warm water and will repeat this step if I feel my face needs it.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Glow Scrub~

Over exfoliation with a harsh scrub on a daily basis can leave skin dry and sensitive, but this product is non abrasive and I find gentle enough to use daily. When I have more time and feeling like more of a pamper I will double this up as a mask and leave it on my face for around 10 minutes. This allows all the clay ingredients which are rich in minerals to penetrate the skin, and help clarify and brighten my complexion. My face is left super smooth, after also removing this product with a face cloth and fresh warm water.

L’Oreal Age Perfect Refreshing Toner~ (with Vitamin C)

My skin feels super refreshed and revitalised after sweeping this product all over my face with clean cotton pads. This toner removes the final traces of ground in oils and make up. Even when you have double cleansed and exfoliated, this little gem will still manage to draw out even the slightest hint of dirt. I really couldn’t go a day without using this product. I think I am so used to the fresh clean feeling it gives my skin. Products enriched with Vitamin C are known for their energising properties towards the skin and I do feel this helps to perk up my skin surface, it brings colour to my cheeks and it certainly appears less dull.

Bio Oil or Derma V10 Rescue Oil~

Depending on whether I am feeling flush or not determines if I splash out on the ‘proper’ Bio Oil or go for the Home Bargains version Derma V10. I have used both many a time and honestly I don’t see or feel any difference with application or results, either way you are going to feel rather like you stuck your face in a margarine tub. If this sounds like your worst nightmare then this may not be for you but I have used this on and off for over a year and primarily since around May this year. The difference in the texture, over all tone and the amount my blemishes have massively reduced is astonishing. The entire surface of my skin feels renewed and I believe staying persistent with a product like this, really does pay off in the long run no matter how uncomfortable it feels to start with. I pop a few drops directly onto my hands, rub together and massage all over my face in an upwards motion. The longer I do this for the oil really warms up and this helps to encourage the product deeper into the skin. It does eventually sink in and feel less greasy after a good half an hour I find, but to reduce the oiliness you can apply with a cotton pad or blot with one I suppose.

So really this is all there is to it for my evening skin care. I have used quality serums and eye creams in the past and haven’t really seen any difference to when I use Bio Oil. I have also used cleansing lotions and creams in the past too, but I have found I definitely favour an oil based cleanser.

Nivea Soft Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream~

The only other product I really use is this one in the morning and you can find it at its cheapest price in Poundland! As I use such oil based products at night time when my face is going through it’s renewing phase, all I want is something really light under my makeup the following day. I find this to be the most light but still moisturising enough to feel like it’s doing something. I think had I not adopted such a routine already I may of leant towards something slightly richer than this, but honestly my face doesn’t need it after all the replenishing the night before.

Do you have a similar skincare routine?

What products have you become to rely on and are you brand loyal when it comes to beauty products?

And would you be interested to give the Bio Oil a try?

I hope you have been inspired to try a new product whether it’s a new way of cleansing or trying a good toner for the first time.

Thanks for your time always appreciated ✨


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