Creating A December 1st Box

I’m guessing most people have heard of the Christmas Eve box? Well this is kind of like that but I find the way I do our box can be slightly better value in my opinion or is just a nice idea if you fancy changing it up each year. I started this tradition last year and it went down an absolute treat with my children, they weren’t expecting it at all so it made it so much more special too. I’d heard of many parents adopting the ‘Christmas Eve box’ into their Christmas’s over the last couple of years and thought I’d do mine a little differently. I of course love the idea of giving that special box on the night before Christmas, but we do revisit many a tradition on the 24th anyway in my home to keep it exciting. I also think my children personally like the 1st of December to be a bonus day of excitement, knowing this little gem will be marking the start of the Christmas countdown each year. I just think by giving the big box of treats on the 1st of December instead, number one like I said marks the beginning of Christmas month, two gives the children plenty to do in the run up to the big day and three gets a fair good use out of all the contents. For example one of the top items presented in the Christmas Eve box is almost always Christmas Pyjamas. I like to give mine on the 1st so they get to wear them all month in the run up to Christmas day. As long as they are washed and ironed ready for Christmas Eve the cost per wear has come right down by the time Christmas is over. The second most popular item in the box is usually crafty things, now I love crafts to be incorporated pretty much daily throughout December. It really adds to the excitement creating homemade hanging decorations, painting and covering pictures in glitter and they also come in handy for add on presents for Grandparents especially. A new Christmas film on DVD, hot chocolate and marshmallows in the evenings, Christmas themed books, all these things can be enjoyed in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day rather than just the night before. I wrap each item individually and then my children all take turns to unwrap something from the box, careful to spot whether it’s a ‘share’ or ‘personal parcel’. In honesty though I feel, as I love Christmas time more than anything I like to prolong it as much as I can, so this way I get to present this box not only for my children but for the joy I get giving it to them too.

When purchasing items for the box this year I was careful to pick out things I know for sure will be used. I have actually still got some items from last years box they didn’t get round to using and have forgotten about, so I am actually going to rewrap those couple of items so as to be sure they are used this time round, to save a couple of pennies and to fill out the box a bit more 😉

If this is something you would like to do for your children, niece, nephew, grandchild etc, either have a google for some contents ideas or take a quick peak at what I have added to mine. It’s not really about spending loads, I purchased almost everything from either Home Bargains or Poundland. For me, it’s just a fun little added extra to treat them to and in my household, it really kick starts the Christmas excitement when they are greeted with their December the 1st box.

Now then, you may or may not notice there is an elf door but no elf. Of course we are huge ‘elf on the shelf-ers’ in this house! The idea here is that I present this box to my children myself, once everything is opened I get them to pop the unwrapped elf door down against the wall and run upstairs for a moment to give time for the ‘magic’ to happen. I then bring out the ‘Gratitude Advent Box’ (see previous blog post) and any other little treats and place next to the elf door along with the ‘mischievous elf’ who has appeared baring this extra surprise. This is the best way for the elf to introduce himself before he starts misbehaving!

I realise that every year, I try my very best to make Christmas time even more memorable than the last for my children and I do understand this idea isn’t for everyone. I mean it in a positive way when I say this, but we never know how many more Christmas’s we will be blessed with, so why not make each and every single one count. Finally my children don’t have a very large window of belief for all things Santa and mischievous elves, so I adore creating as much magic and as many wonderful festive memories as I possibly can now and this is just one of the small ways in which I do so.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post today ✨


    • Thank you so much for your comment so great to see others do this too. We are all about the build up to Xmas in my house and what better way to count down than to use each day as an opportunity to give back a little. Have the most wonderful 2019 ✨

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