Christmas Themed Tag

I have come across ‘tags’ a few times before that have been non Christmas related but never actually done one. I thought I would come up with my own list of questions and give my personal answers underneath. Just a fun little thing to do when you have 5 minutes or you could use them for a festive themed quiz with your family over the Christmas period. There are 20 questions to get you thinking and give you some festive feeling 🌟

1). What is the best present you received as a small child and now as an adult?

A post office set as a child I was obsessed with the stamper and as an adult my coffee machine. Although I haven’t technically had it yet as it’s for this Christmas I just know it will be my favourite.

2). Favourite Christmas film?

Elf and Home Alone, I have to pick two.

3). Favourite Christmas song?

Of course “All I want for Christmas is you”.

4). Real Christmas tree or fake?

Real! It’s my first year ever having a real tree and so far so good.

5). Did you ever wish for a present as a child you never received?

An electric jeep.

6). Roses or Quality Street?

Quality Street every time.

7). What time do you get up on Christmas morning?

Latest time is 5.30am, I always wake the children up as I like to make the most of every second.

8). Do you watch the Queen’s speech?

I feel I probably should but no and never have.

9). Christmas tipple of choice?

No different to the usual ~ red wine and Prosecco.

10). Best thing about Christmas?

Giving my children the best day ever and watching them have the best time.

11). Would you go abroad for Christmas?

Never, ever! Even if someone paid for the whole trip and expenses and a whole suitcase full of new clothes to take. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas to me if it was away from home.

12). When do you get excited for Christmas?

As soon as Halloween is finished, so bang on the 1st November to be precise.

13). Best tradition?

Wrapping the door in Christmas paper for the children to burst through to get to their presents, this totally increases the excitement to the max and they love it.

14). Giving or receiving gifts?

Definitely giving. I could 100% go without any presents as long as I saw everyone happily enjoying theirs, especially my children.

15). Dream place to visit over the festive season?

New York not very original but it’s probably the only place I would want to visit.

16). Do you make New Years Resolutions?

Yes I love to make them and am usually good at sticking to them too.

17). Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

Never ever! Although my children do as we spend Christmas Eve with my mum and they get to open all of the presents off her then.

18). Best Christmas Food?

Quality Street, pigs in blankets and savoury selection tray you know the one with the pretzels in one section, the cheesy shapes in another and so on. I never know what they are officially called but they are officially yummy!

19). Most memorable Christmas time?

This is the most random thing ever but J from 5ive came to visit me in a cafe I used to work in on Christmas Eve many years ago. His Uncle was a Course assessor for my Team Leading course and he said he would bring him in for coffee and he did. I still have his autograph on a cafe voucher.

20). What does Christmas mean to you?

Spending quality time with all my family, being thankful for all the wonderful people I have in my life, thinking of others less fortunate than myself and celebrating the love I have for my children, my husband and all of my family through pure Christmas spirit, fabulous food, fantastic drink, festive music and wonderful happiness.

Have a good think of how you would answer these questions, maybe ask a friend too and see how you differ.

Thanks for reading


  1. Aww I remember the post office toy, I always wanted one and got it one Christmas. I loved it. The stamps were great and I got the check out till and plastic food to scan with a talking microphone. X


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