New Years Resolutions

I don’t know about you but the feeling I get as New Year approaches is really quite unexplainable. My mind is in overdrive with all the things I want to achieve, try out and aim for. I develop such an eagerness for a complete fresh start, to feel all sparkly new again and in the days between Boxing Day and New Years Eve my goal setting is in full swing. I feel slightly like this most Sunday’s as to me a Monday morning comes with that fresh start to a new week feeling, so you can imagine New Year is pretty big in that sense. I find though as the years have passed the tradition for making resolutions is beginning to dilute slightly and I wish I could bring it back. I’ve asked many people in the run up to Christmas what their New Years Resolution will be and it seems they most popular answer is “I don’t bother with resolutions, I never stick to them anyway”. Come on guys, get in the spirit! Seriously though I understand everyone is different and not everyone can be as enthusiastic over a date change, but hey I get excited over a plate of marmite on toast! I think the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ was completely invented for people like me and I’m on that bandwagon with bells on baby! I find it so hard to narrow down all the things I want to do or change so I take a slightly different approach to setting my resolutions. I will choose one or two big resolutions and then have a list of lots of smaller goals to aim for throughout the year. I get so much personal enjoyment out goal setting, planning, organising and I can’t wait to hit the ground running with it all. I have set some big resolutions throughout my life and so far done really well with them like finally quitting smoking a few years ago, starting healthy eating, becoming charitable, starting to meal plan every week, becoming a more mindful and grateful person and so on. I also like to make resolutions that involve ‘doing’ rather than ‘stopping’ something apart from stopping smoking of course and I find this way I’m already looking at it with a positive eye. By concentrating on what you would like to gain from your resolutions rather than what you will be ‘giving up’ shifts your mindset to wanting to succeed instead of filling you with dread. Similarly, just don’t pick a resolution that is going to deprive you of something or simply make you miserable and don’t chose one which you are certain you will struggle sticking to as this will only set you up for disappointment. I’m all for the ‘you can do anything if you really put your mind to it’ life but sometimes it pays to be a tad realistic if it can prevent those negative feelings from creeping in. Resolutions are what you make them they can be fun, serious, tongue in cheek, simple, difficult whatever, the main point is how they make you feel. I like to feel productive, organised and in control of life so I find I base a lot of my goals around these sorts of things as I know I am more likely to stick to them. In turn I feel positive, I feel a sense of achievement, I feel more calm and relaxed and altogether. With all this in mind I thought I would share with you my New Years Resolutions/Goals. Perhaps you are somebody who never makes them, maybe this will give you some inspiration to think of one to make this year. Either way let’s all just shimmy our way into the new year with our positive pants on!

1). Different Country Themed Meal Once A Month

Now this is a resolution I have made for the last few years and one I have failed at each time, this year I am determined to succeed. It’s just something I’ve wanted to do for a bit of fun, one which really just gives a good excuse to get my family altogether to taste something they might not do on an average day. Each time I try this I get to around April/May and then it fizzles out. The idea originally came when I wanted to do ‘date night’ at a different cultured restaurant each month. I soon realised this was going to work out pretty costly, often inconvenient with having 3 children and also we live in a rather small town and quite limited option wise. So I decided last year to try and do it from home and it started off pretty good. The idea I had was to choose each country to kind of go with the month I was in for example Caribbean in the summer, along with American to go with the 4th July theme, German in October and so on. I think it’s nice and different to chose a resolution like this one as it takes you out of your comfort zone, it invites a bit of fun to the table, it brings the family together and it’s a fantastic way to learn a little bit about other countries and cultures especially the children. I will select a date of each month, chose a country for each and pick out 3 courses themed around that country. I am really going to get to the end of the year with this one this time!

2). Spend Less, Save More

This might seem like an obvious one to many people, but one I never really set myself. I have always typically been quite careful with money but I have also kind of gone with the idea of “well if we really need it then we need it” and then I just get it. In a nutshell I don’t throw money away but if it’s a need then it’s a need. Or is it? And that is the question I am going to really ask myself from now on. I am really going to become more mindful this year of my spending habits, some have said “Amy you can’t really be anymore careful” but I know I really could. By questioning each purchase “do I really need this or do I just want it” will definitely make this achievable.

3). Become More minimal

I suppose this is an extension of the previous goal but this year I intend on becoming much more minimalistic. Now I understand everyone’s take on minimalism is different and I’m not simply reading off other people’s song sheets here as I’ve been pretty minimal my whole life. What I mean is continue to declutter weekly, be more mindful of purchases, clear as I go, reduce the amount of ‘necessities’, adopt a more ‘don’t use it-lose it’ attitude and in turn by doing so I will also become less wasteful. I believe in freeing up space in the home is the first place to start to freeing up space in the mind. The less cluttered my home the more relaxed and at ease I am in general, so by improving even more so at this, I can only feel even more fabulous.

4). Continue Exercising/Increase Fitness

Now I have already sort of made a start on this, kind of like a warm up take the pun as you will 😉 and surprised myself entirely. I am not or should I say, in the past I’ve never been the exercising type, it has never come naturally to me in the slightest. I have never set foot in a gym and always joked the most exercise I got was lifting my glass of Merlot to my mouth at the end of a long week. My husband is ever so much the opposite and if I’m honest he was my inspiration to get up one morning and just have a go at a workout video I found on YouTube. Since then I have been really enjoying it and more for the energy boost it gives. I used to think I can’t exercise as I’ve no energy to do it, I now realise that exercising actually gives you more energy. I’ve also heard people say “I workout for my mind more than anything” and never believed that one fully, until now that is. I haven’t noticed much difference to my physical frame it is my frame of mind which has flourished. I’m more alert mentally but equally relaxed, I feel most productive and mentally charged, clear headed and most importantly, positive. I’m sure it is the yoga I finish with which maximises this effect and I would recommend yoga, if anything to anyone.

I have many smaller goals which branch off each of these resolutions, but we would be here until at least March if I went into all of those now. Look out for up coming posts which will include a couple of these in more detail such as my exercise routine, my themed dinner party plan and minimising tips.

Will you be making any New Years Resolutions?

Comment with yours below I love to hear what answers people give to this

Thank you for reading and I hope you are enjoying the countdown to Christmas ✨


  1. Like you, I really get into goal setting this time of year. It’s interesting to learn about other people’s goals. The different country themed meals is truly unique. I don’t know if I could be that adventurous (my cooking style really is quite simple) but maybe once a month I could try to do a themed meal. I think the kids would dig it and be a good time to teach about different cultures. Thanks for the idea.


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