10 Random Top Tips

Who doesn’t love a handy tip now and again? Being a busy mum of 3 I welcome any hint, simple as it might be, if it’s going to help my life run smoother any day. I have picked up numerous hints and tips throughout my 32 years typically from my own mother. She has come in rather useful many a time a stain has appeared or something has broken and I have her to thank for the little hacks I have learned along the way. Some of these you may of heard of, some you may of forgotten and some could be completely new to you. Either way I thought I would share with you 10 random lifestyle tips for you to mentally store and hopefully one or two comes in handy to you too.

1). Jar Lids That Will Not Unscrew

Ever find the lid on a jar will not budge no matter how hard you try to twist the little bugger. You even take to using your sleeve or you tea towel for added grip, still you fail. Just take the back of a dessert spoon and give the sides of the lid a few firm whacks with it, all around until it releases the pressure. The lid will now turn with zero effort.

2). Oscar Winning Tears Chopping An Onion

Short of wearing a pair of swimming goggles, finding a way to keep the eyes from streaming when preparing your dinner can be tricky. I don’t know about you but I don’t tend to have goggles knocking around my kitchen cupboards but what I do have is that trusty dessert spoon. Oh yes, by simply holding it in your mouth you can chop away onion after onion, it is literally like magic. My mum told me to try this so many times but I’ll admit I was sceptical it would really work, I’ll confirm it actually does! I’m not sure of the science behind it, whether the metal repels the stingy aura the onion gives off? The main this is there’s no big risk of chopping my finger off but a small risk of looking like a wally with a dessert spoon in my mush.

3). Clogged Up Holes In the Salt Shaker

No spoons involved with this one, just some plain old rice. Pop a good pinch of dried rice into your salt pot and you will never have to sit there poking your folk in the hole again. The rice simply keeps the moisture from the salt so you can sprinkle without the stress.

4). Greasy Hair

School run time, had no time to wash hair, forgot to replenish the stock of dry shampoo then just reach for the talcum powder. I suggest tapping some into your hands, rubbing them together and then lightly buffing through your roots. Don’t do what I did the first time I tried this in a rush and dump a load on top of your head straight out the tub, unless you are super blonde naturally it can look like you just dumped a heap of talc in your hair because you had no time time to wash it 😉 Done properly this is so effective and again if done properly and you have your hair highlighted, it can actually disguise roots when you are nearing an appointment.

5). Freshening Upholstery, Soft Furnishings And Bedding

Nothing beats the smell of a fresh, clean home but shelling out for Frebreeze and room sprays tots up annually. So what I do now is using the same spray bottle each time, I fill 3/4 of the way with plain old water and top up with whatever fabric softer I’m using that week. My favourite is the yellow Lenor as I find this has the most lasting fragrance on my rugs, cushions, curtains etc. By doubling up the use of one product it’s less packaging waste and more money saved. So now when I walk into a room it smells like fresh linen and at a fraction of the cost.

6). Trolley Trouble

I’m not sure what it’s like getting a trolley out of the bay in other countries but here in Wales the supermarkets are extremely fond of theirs and do what they can to prevent plonkers from robbing them. Cue rummaging through your purse for a pound coin, stuffing your hand down the backseat of the car, cursing yourself for not re-hooking that reusable token thingy to your keys. Voila! There you have it, your mighty back up in the shape of your house key! Any Yale lock key (the average round top sort) fits like a glove in any trolley lock. Your welcome in advance 😉

7). Homemade Cookies spreading

You finally get your bake on, spend ages putting in all the effort Mary Berry would be proud of, admire the perfectly shaped and sized cookies on your baking tray only to check them 10 minutes later and you now have one colossal cookie! Next time try baking them in a lightly greased muffin tray and the will keep their shape and size wonderfully.

8). Decode The Retailers

Ever gone to check the price tag on a garment in a clothes shop and spotted fine pencil codes on back of them. This is code to speed up mark downs on sale days and a clue to you to hold back until the next day or two to make your purchase. The code is there to tell whoever is in charge of marking down the discounts over the following days how much to write on the label. For example an item is priced at £18 but you notice a code such as 010 this tells you the piece will be going down to £10, an item is priced at £8 but you see 0450, this tells you the item will be going down to £4.50. This is the case is most retailers in Britain I’m not sure if it applies the same overseas? I would be interested to find out though 🙂 This information is most useful to know when the prime sale days are due such as the seasonal ones. Also prepare for shopping trips in advance by going online and printing out voucher codes to use at your favourite stores on non sale days.

9). Pencil Eraser To The Rescue

The amount of times I have reached for a rubber in desperate times (USA I hear your lols 🤣) within the home is countless. Who knew a simple eraser had so many uses outside the typical spelling mistake? I have removed marks from my dining room table, fingerprints from my walls and doors, side unit smudges and scuff marks in white trainers in particular come out a treat. Before you take a wet cloth to your freshly painted walls try giving them a light buff with a rubber and you will be surprised with the results.

10). Finally A Few Food Tips

• By wrapping clim film around the top of your banana bunch you will slow down the process of ripening. Store them in a non metal fruit bowl as metal ones also add to the speed of ripening and keep them separate from other fruits. Of course if you want ripe bananas in a hurry completely do the opposite to everything I just said.

•If you buy pre bagged salad always go for the flattest bag as the puffier it is the quicker the product will go off as an air filled bag usually means gases have been releasing into the bag.

•Not sure of the expiry of an egg? Pop in a bowl of water and if it sinks to the bottom it’s fresh, if it lifts up slightly from the surface it’s at the very end of its freshness and if it floats it’s very well expired, get rid of it.

•For an easy to peel satsuma roll it around on the work surface first to loosen the segments from the skin.

•By popping a teaspoon into the top of your Champagne/Prosecco/Fizzy Wine bottle you will keep the fizz for much longer. If you take more than one night to drink the bottle of course.

•Fussy children at mealtimes? Cut out pictures from magazines, posters etc and simply stick them on all the food in the house. Teletubbies Tagliatelle, Mickey Mouse Melon, Peppa Pig pork loins, Shimmer and Shine sweetcorn, Paw Patrol Peas, you get the idea. It’s actually amazing how much this can actually work I did this mostly with my first born years ago as he was by far the fussiest eater of all my three children. Also finding ways to make mealtimes and snack times fun by calling a meal a crazy name, by serving up creative dinner plates for them or investing in things like fun egg cups, serving dishes etc all helps. I find by simply popping their dinners on different plates every now and then to switch it up also keep things interesting. We have a meal we call a’duck pond’ which is simply mashed potato made into a well which we fill with beans and sprinkle cheese on the top. Keeping upbeat, happy and positive at the dinner table really can make a difference and stressing how strong and healthy they will be by eating such good foods goes a long way.

I do Hope you find some of these useful.

Do you have any good tips/hacks you could add to these? Comment below!

Thanks for reading ✨


    • It make so much more sense to save some pennies then buying a specific freshener doesn’t it. It’s surprising how many people don’t actually know this little spoon trick too, thank you for taking the time to read and comment have a lovely week ahead ✨xx

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