What I’ve Been Enjoying Most In January✨

January has been a long month but instead of slogging through wishing the days away, I’ve been mindful of how each day is a blessing. I feel fortunate to live in a country which experiences seasons as I don’t know about you but I couldn’t really live in a country which has one or the other,really hot or really cold. I enjoy the warmer weather mostly just like the majority of people, but by making the most of the colder days you are able to appreciate the warmer ones even more so. I have been finding ways to really bring some positive vibes into the first month of the year and for the first time my January has been just wonderful. It hasn’t dragged, it hasn’t been dreary and dull and it’s all because I changed my thoughts. I chose to awake every morning excited for the day, even if all that entailed was a couple of school runs and a stack of ironing. I changed my mindset and trained it to only take notice of the good. Looking outside on a few school mornings recently we have been greeted by awful rain and grey skies. Instead of filling my thoughts with dread I have been wrapping and weather proofing my children and I up, flinging open the door and declaring to my younger two “right we can do this, if we can get to school with a smile still on our face, we can do anything!” It’s really works, it gets myself psyched up, my children psyched up and I can always go straight back home afterwards and get changed. With all this in mind, it lead me to think back on all of the additional things I’ve enjoyed this month that have contributed to such a positive month.

1). Mindfulness & Empty Mind~ness

Mindness isn’t even a real word but you know where I’m going with this. Like I touched on above, becoming most mindful this month has really helped to keep me upbeat, but also learning to empty my mind in equal measures, has also helped. By learning to slow down, clear my head, even sitting on my bed in silence for 5 minutes has all helped. Taking care of my mind this month has been enjoyable as it has been the main reason I’ve been able to enjoy January as much as I have done.

2). Stir~fry’s

Holy moly I’ve a new found love for this dish like you wouldn’t believe. As simple as a stir fry can be, you can’t beat the fresh, crunchy, healthy goodness. Full of colour and full of flavour this has been my go to dinner many an evening this month.

3). Bucket Size Brews

Nothing quite beats a cosy, warming mug of tea especially when you present it in a humongous mug the size of your head! I’ve been settling down every evening on my sofa with my dressing gown on, curled up enjoying a Welsh Brew. Also in the evening I get to finish a whole mug without it going cold or zapping it in the microwave at least 4 times, You get what I mean here fellow mummy’s 😉

4). Sanctuary Spa Baths

Honestly, I have really only ever used baby products to bathe or shower in since before I even had kids and I’ve always felt that was why my skin has forever been super smooth and soft. Although when Christmas comes around and I get lovely gifts of pamper products, it’s nice to switch things up a bit. Well this year amongst many other pamper goodies I was reintroduced to the superb Sanctuary Spa range. Wow this stuff really is a treat, super indulgent, smells incredible and leaves you feeling like you literally walked fresh out of a real life spa. Every time I have felt like a pamper night this month I’ve been enjoying this brand most and when I’m all out I will definitely be repurchasing again.

5). New Look Faux Suede Skirt

I have found myself reaching for this item of clothing many a time this month when I want to feel a bit more put together. I’ve been teaming it with black opaque tights, my black leather Chelsea boots and either a button down shirt or a knit tucked in. This time of year I feel I become a bit lazy with my outfit choices and fall into the ‘jeans everyday’ trap, so I’ve been enjoying this skirt more on alternative days.

6). Jogging

Don’t get me wrong here, I am no jogger. This isn’t me being negative in any way I’m stating an actual fact. I am physically terrible at running/jogging. Think Pheobe from Friends with less lung capacity and where on the right track but you know what, I’ve always quite fancied giving it a go. I had admired an old friend for taking the leap for a long time and it really inspired me to try my best at jogging. I must say I’ve enjoyed it and more so the feeling of achievement afterwards too. I can manage 15 minutes at a time at a very steady pace and have been out a fair few times this month, on occasion even taking my eldest son with me for some Mum/Son time. Keeping active no matter how light an activity is essential for keeping yourself out of that January slump.

7). Out With My Friends

Not something I usually get to do much in general, never mind in January. For so long now my good old friends and I have been promising to go out for a meal and a couple of drinks and this month was the one we finally made it happen. We had such a giggle, enjoyed some yummy food and wine and really enjoyed ourselves. It wasn’t a crazy big night out, we weren’t even out that late but it was the most fun I’ve had in ages! It really made me realise how important it is to schedule in time for those friends that matter so much, so much more often.

8).Snuggles With My Family

Along side being mindful of slowing down a bit more this month, I have been able to really appreciate the best opportunities for snuggles. Being indoors a bit more in the day has given me more time to just sit with my arms wrapped around my youngest, wrapped in a blanket just reading some library books or watching ‘Boss Baby’ (his favourite). Evening times call for more snuggles this time including the rest of my children and Daddy, with the heating on full whack and probably more ‘Boss Baby’.

9).French Night

I began my challenge I set myself to create a different country themed night once a month by kicking it off with a French themed dinner for January. It was such a hit and was such fun. You can read all about it in the blog post previous to this one. I recommend everyone gives this a go for something different and to shake up dinner time once a month!

How has your January been? How have you been filling your days?

Comment below and as always Thanks for stopping by


  1. January has been a good one for us here on Canada’s west coast as well. No snow this year, except for one day early on in January when it did get cold enough to snow, but it didn’t last more than a couple of hours in the morning and then it was gone when it warmed up. I haven’t even had to take my shovel out of the shed this year!


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