✨Self Care ✨

One thing I have realised especially since having my third child two and a half years ago is that self care is not an act of selfishness. Self care is something we all need once in a while to truly function to the best of our abilities and to be the best version of ourselves. I used to juggle full time as an estate agent, be a mummy, be a housewife, spin 46 plates all at once and after a while I really felt the strain. It was difficult to fit in any ‘me time’ at all and I found it as equally difficult not to complain about how much I really just wanted some time out. In fact I was queen complainer at times. We decided after a while that the best thing for our family would be that I became a stay at home mum. Wow! I often realise now that working full time was in a strange way ‘me time’, I just never really appreciated it in that way in the moment. I find spending every waking and sleeping moment with my children (we always have one stroll into our room in the middle of the night) wonderful of course I do and as much as I appreciate the value of this time, I also value a moment or two for myself as well now.

It wasn’t easy to take a step back and really evaluate the situation I had found myself in. On one hand I was really beginning to moan about how I never got 5 minutes to myself and on the other I was riddled with mum guilt at the thought of having such thing. I’m sure this confused sense of crazy is familiar with every parent somewhere along the line. I got to the point where I realised there’s no point in complaining about anything you have no intention of changing. If you aren’t prepared to change a situation then you kind of need to stop harping on about it. My ‘it’ was self care or should I say, lack of it. Times have truly changed, I have changed and will often take a moment of time out for myself each day to feel present and rejuvenated. I have thought long and hard about all of the reasons self care are so important to each of us, some examples of self care I indulge in and the benefits of such thing. If any of this sounds familiar to you then read on and see if it inspires you to let go of the quilt, let go of the excuses of not having the time and find some understanding of why you need to practice self care to become a more positive person all round.

Importance & Benefits Of Self~Care

•It reduces stress.

•It improves you overall well~being and mental health.

•You become more productive because you have given yourself that time out to reprioritise different aspects to your life and day/days ahead.

•You feel more relaxed in yourself and about things you can’t control so anxious feelings are reduced.

•It can improve your relationships with others.

•It can help others to feel good as when you feel good this projects out to others, which in turn causes positive chain reactions.

•You are able to cope with parenting much more efficiently, calmly and positively and this obviously benefits your children equally.

•Your physical health and emotional sense can be improved greatly which can lead to less general ailments.

•Can help boost your self esteem as it encourages you to become more self aware and caring of yourself. This results in you remembering how worthy you are of treating your mind and body kindly.

•You will naturally become much more positive about life generally as you have given yourself the time to slow down, be in the moment and look at things and cope with things in perhaps a different way.

Some Examples Of Self-~Care To Try

•Put some time aside to do nothing. In this time bring all of your thoughts together, be mindful, be physically present, clear your mind of trivial things and concentrate on a few of the important things you are grateful for.

•Get outside and breath in the fresh air even if you just go and sit in the garden, just being out doors and taking in a different surrounding does wonders for your well~being.

•Enjoy a full cup of tea. Something really as simple as this and being mindful of doing so really helps you appreciate how the little things in life often make the greatest impact.

•Play some music you like. Select something that takes you back to a childhood memory, something that reminds you of having fun and being happy and turn it right up.

•Find a hobby that you enjoy for you because you want to do it, regardless of what others think or say. If it’s something that interests you and you enjoy it then go for it!

•Get organised. To some this may not seem like self care but trust me if you practice being more organised in life, your day will flow better, you will save yourself plenty of time and you will feel less chaotic~sounds like perfect self care to me.

•Enjoy a snack of your choice with a film that is also your complete choice and savour the moment, especially if you are a parent.

•Put on a lovely outfit and spritz your best perfume all over with a smile on your face. If your like me and don’t get ‘out out’ very often then you find you save your ‘best’ stuff for a very very long time. Why are we all saving our things for best, me included, everyday should be our best, right?!

•Supplements. Now this isn’t for everyone but me personally I find I am at my best when I am regularly taking my vitamins.

•Eat a healthy, varied and colourful diet. This should be a lifelong self~care aim and one of the most important.

•Create yourself a good sleep routine, you can take on the world with a good nights sleep. I have wakeful children so one thing I find helpful is wearing an eye mask for bed for the last 3+ years. I can see to my kids, jump back into bed then pop my eye mask back over my eyes and this forces my eyes shut, resulting me falling straight back off to sleep.

•Move more. Some light activity you know you will enjoy releases so many endorphins it will be difficult not to feel great afterwards.

•Write down some positive affirmations, some positive words to yourself things you like about yourself, why you are worthy of happiness and good things. Write down some goals you have, some small tasks/aims for the rest of the week. Anything you have swirling round your head get it out on paper or your note section in your phone. Reflect on your positive quotes, tick off things you have achieved you will feel so much better for doing these things.

•Pamper yourself. This is one of my favourites and one I try to do once or twice a week. Mirror a spa day in your own bathroom get out all your body lotion, nail polishes, face mask, exfoliator, razor and shave, pluck, preen and treat yourself to a good pamper and mani/pedi. I challenge anyone to feel less than fabulous after a soak in the bath and some beautifying.

Self~care really is something we should all make more time for in order to feel tip top in all aspects of life in general.

Please take care of yourself, your body and your mind as they are the only ones you will been given. Accept them, love them and appreciate them and they will serve you well.

✨Thank you so much for reading. I am always ridiculously grateful no matter how many of you take the time to read my blog, it can be as little as a few but to me that’s huge in itself and I really appreciate it✨


  1. First of all, the layout is thoroughly cute.

    Secondly, thank you for your advice 😊. My people are not ready for the self-cared for version of me that’s about to hit them.

    Third, you wonderful mummy 🤗


    • ✨This comment means the world I thankyou so much for that 😁 You take care of you & become the very best version of yourself more than ever before ~ self worth, self care & very importantly self belief are the most wonderfully liberating things to hand & with those we can all accomplish anything💫have the most fabulous rest of your week💫🙏🏼✨

      Liked by 1 person

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