✨Random Acts Of Kindness Day 17th February✨

How am I only finding out that this is actually a thing?! This need so much more recognition! Really though, random acts of kindness are things we should all be practicing regularly regardless of the day in my opinion. My children and I completed an entire month of random acts of kindness (titled ‘Gratitude Advent Crackers’ on my blog) back in December and was such a rewarding end to the year. I really love nothing more than to go about my day being as kind as I possibly can to people, offering my help, complimenting strangers, always being polite and caring but I still feel like I could do more. Every now and then when I’m being most mindful I will do something bigger like collect donations for the local homeless shelter, give cash to the busker outside Boots, I’ve chopped off all of my hair and donated to the Little Princess Trust and gave up my birthday gifts last year in exchange for cash donations for a poorly little girl I don’t know personally. Still I feel I could do more, we could all do more. I give these examples of what I have done recently that benefit others, to hopefully help bring awareness to the importance of this Nationally celebrated day. It’s not my intention to be like ‘look how great I am’ with this post but I do think we should all be proud of ourselves for being kind. Since when shouldn’t we be proud of doing good, being a nice person and wanting to share it with others to get the kindness flowing?

So, now being aware of this ‘Random acts of kindness day’ it has re~sparked my joy for giving back, helping others and simply being kind. I typed ‘random acts of kindness’ into YouTube and was literally brought to tears by a video I had found. Some of the heart warming clips, the ones that really contribute to that colossal lump in the throat I discovered were truly inspirational. Here are just a few additional examples…

This brides father passed away and his heart was donated. The guy who received the transplant walked her down the aisle.

Complete strangers doing all they can to save this guy from throwing himself off this bridge.

A young gent comforting a guy with special needs after he became overwhelmed by the busy commute.

Random acts of kindness day was first created in Denver, Colorado in 1995 and moved onto New Zealand in 2004. The official date for celebrating this fantastic day is 17th February and I think everyone should take this opportunity to do something wonderful. It doesn’t have to be anything too crazy, sometimes the most simple of gestures can mean the world to someone else. It’s said that a random act of kindness is a selfless act and while I completely agree with that, I have to also add that it does naturally do wonders for your own wellbeing too. If for instance you decide to help someone in true need of help it can also help you re-evaluated yourself or your life and help you to feel most grateful for all you have. Sometimes it’s just about making another person smile, making their day run more smoothly or making them aware how much they deserve kindness for simply being them.

Here are a few simple ideas

• Compliment a stranger, let them know you have took notice of something great they have done, say Thank you for a job well done or simply tell someone you think they look lovely today. Let a parent know how well behaved there child is, as long as it’s a genuine compliment it really counts as a great act of kindness!

• Pop some loose change into a charity bucket or donate on someone’s ‘Just Giving’ page.

• Queuing up? Let the person behind you go in front.

• Do you receive great service somewhere often? Make today the day you maybe let the manager know of someone going a great job.

• Put a positive quote or message onto a piece of paper and pop it into an item of clothing in a clothes shop for any future purchaser. Leave one inside a library book, on public transport, even under your place mat in a restaurant.

• Give a donation to the local food bank or buy an extra item and pop it into the food bank collection baskets in the supermarket.

• Have a clear out and take your unwanted items to the charity shop.

• Donate your hair to a Wig charity such as Little Princesses or check whether your local hairdressers donate hair. We have an amazing hairdressers locally called Morgan’s who not only donate hair they provide the most fantastic wig service to cancer and alopecia sufferers.

• Take a box of chocolates to an emergency service to say Thank you. Fortunately for us we have the best emergency services in our town fire brigade, police station and a fantastic hospital not far away. We take it for granted they are always there so it’s nice to show appreciation to them too.

• Leave a pound coin next to the Pick n Mix in Poundland, stick coins on to a parking metre, leave credit in a vending machine or pay for someone’s cream cake in the bakery line.

• Has somebody made a difference in your life? Make today the day you call them, text them or even write a thank you card or note showing your appreciation.

• Offer to help carry someone’s shopping bags to their car, are they struggling with a trolley load and kids? offer to push the trolley to the car for them.

• Give blood. After receiving donor blood through blood transfusions personally, I can’t stress how important this is to somebody in desperate need of it.

• Volunteer somewhere. The local homeless shelter is especially rewarding, maybe there’s a local tidy up in the area you could offer to help with? Volunteer your time to your family or friends~ does your Grandad need a hand with the lawn mower? Could a friend do with a night off? maybe you could offer to babysit?

• Offer a general hand to someone, anyone you think could benefit from it and genuinely enjoy helping them.

• Share something of yours, offer your last chocolate in the box, offer a spritz of your best perfume even if it’s running out.

• Give up your seat for someone else.

• Smile at each and every person you see.

Most of these examples are things many of us do day to day without giving it a second thought and that’s amazing! But on the 17th February this year let’s all go that extra mile and do these things with a conscience, be self aware of the great things we do for others.

Spread the word of this super special day, let people know what it is about and when it is. We have Pancake Day, Valentines Day why not make this day just as big and just as important?!

✨Thank you for stopping by and giving your time to read✨


  1. A great post Amy. There are far too many acts of violence and meanspiritedness out there, so to try to counteract with acts of kindness is a lovely idea! I’m going to be busy with Issy thinking up lots to do, on that day but also incorporating that attitude more in our lives in general! ❤️💋


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