✨Discovering A New Personal Style✨

As I mentioned on my Instagram (follow me -Live Positively Chic) recently I have come to realise my style has started to slip by the wayside to say the very least. I have found myself over the last year in particular, just reaching for whatever and not giving it a second thought. When I first quit work I actually kind of knew at the back of my mind, I would eventually get really lazy with my style choices. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with with being comfortable, or there is anything wrong with not being bothered about style and fashion if that’s you because there isn’t at all. Everyone is different it’s just that having zero care for the clothes I walk around in isn’t me and has never really been me, up to now.

Ever since I was little I’d love dressing up and as I grew older getting ready and wearing a fabulous outfit was often the most fun bit about going out for me. Working in a clothes shop then going on to office work I always enjoyed putting pieces together with actual thought and I felt really good about the way I looked walking out of the door. I feel good majority of the time now regardless of what I look like because as I’ve reached the grand old age of 32 I accept myself for who and what I am. But I still want to revisit that ‘old Amy’ a little on the style front and go from feeling good on an average day to feeling fabulous instead~always room for improvement 😉

I have found the best way to find my style again and thought I’d share some tips, in case you are feeling a little bit similar to me or perhaps you hadn’t given it much thought ever before and are quite interested in switching your wardrobe up for something new.

1). Style Workout

First off I think it’s best to decipher what styles you are naturally drawn to. You might actually favour styles that rather contradict one another, for instance you might like a romantic girlie look but also like an edgier rockier look at the same time. You may like lots and lots of different styles and don’t know where to start. What I did was narrow it down to my favourite 2/3 and worked from there. So what different ‘styles’ are there to choose from? I have sourced a picture to make it easier to see rather than trying to describe each type there is, below are the ‘main’ choices I found most useful. I understand there are ones that are more contemporary, street etc but I figure if you are any of the alternative then kudos to you as you already know your style and that fantastic!

I feel like I am drawn most to the classic, preppy and romantic and these are the styles I’d most like to try most of. Years ago I would of lent mostly to glam and was I always done up to the nines, as I’ve grown older and had more children, I find a more low maintenance style is most achievable for me.

2).Find A Style Muse

What I mean here is discover a person or a couple of people who already incorporate the particular style/s that you are looking to achieve. This can be someone you know personally, someone in the public eye or a well known style icon. Use these people as inspiration when choosing certain items, for putting pieces together to create the look you want and for building your new style of wardrobe. For me these are Josie Fear (Fashion Mumblr), Victoria Beckham, Olivia Palermo and Audrey Hepburn.

3). Pinterest Is Your New Friend

Download Pinterest and start building boards of saved outfits you like in the styles you have decided on, so you can refer back to them when you need some help in the inspiration department. Or you could just screen shot pictures to your camera roll and create a ‘new style’ folder. This also helps you work out what types of clothing and accessories act as the main building blocks of the style so you know what you need to incorporate into your own wardrobe.

4).Shop Your Own Wardrobe First

Unless you are having a complete style overhaul the chances are you are probably naturally drawn to purchasing your preferred style/s and already own a fair few pieces. So empty everything out of your wardrobe and go through each item and work out whether or not it is compatible with the style you are trying to achieve. Rehang all of these items together and anything that doesn’t really fit the bill still keep them but store these altogether on the other side or separately elsewhere. This isn’t about getting rid of all your things, you still need clothes to wear and doing so is just a waste of money. You can still incorporate them onto your daily outfits if you need to but they won’t be the primary pieces anymore. I suggest doing what I do and have your wardrobe split into 2~ autumn/winter and spring/summer. That way you only have seasonal pieces in your wardrobe making it quicker and easier to get dressed in the morning as everything in there is an option. Not the cut out summer dress in the middle of January for instance 😉

5). Shop The Gaps

Take a pen and paper and note down all the items you would like to add to your wardrobe in your new style, so next time you go shopping you have your list to refer back to. This keeps your options limited and helps deter from making purchasing on impulse.

Build From There On

Now you have the base on which to continue onto your new or adapted style. You have the right to enjoy it, feel super confident and super fabulous every time you fling open those wardrobe drawers. Instead of peeking in with dread or feeling deflated or confused on what to put on in the morning, each day you will be content with your choices knowing you are now sure of who you are style wise.

This is all just a bit of fun and I understand as much as the next person that the clothes we wear don’t define us as people. But if style and clothes are what you do enjoy who are we to tell someone otherwise.

Have you felt a bit lost on the style front?

Do you like the idea of finding yourself a new style?

Are you someone that simply couldn’t care less and don’t give it a second thought?

Let me know your thoughts below and as always thanks for your time

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