My Random Guilty Pleasures

I was in the library with my youngest last week and over heard a lady passing us on her way out laughing with her friend. She was really amused by something then just as she was leaving the door I just caught her last words “they’ve always been my guilty pleasure!” I couldn’t help but smile she had really uplifted my spirts with her infectious giggle and then it got me thinking… what would my guilty pleasure be? After having a ponder I realised I had loads but by narrowing it down to ten, I am able to give you this little post as a way to get to know another side to my personality. I will warn you one or two are probably a bit TMI but they are honest and if you are honest with yourself, you would probably have some odd ones too 😉

1). Marmite~a proud lover not a hater!

2). Little Mix~ I have a very sassy almost 5 year old girl who loved them so I of course have to like them. I have found myself on occasion asking Alexa to “play everything Little Mix” when she’s not even around.

3). Evening sofa snacking usually on said marmite on toast, spread a good inch thick on equally thick toast. I’m super fussy when it comes to toast too I have to let it go freezing cold before I butter it as I don’t like it melting in. It keeps the crunch and you can taste the butter much better 🙂 If I’m in a rush I have even been known to do a very odd wafting motion to cool it quicker!

4). Flossing~TMI but dislodging even the tiniest of anything from those little gaps is so satisfying, oh the joys.

5). Clearing hotel bathrooms of all the little freebies even if I know I probably won’t use them. Although the shower caps are always really handy and who doesn’t enjoy a brew with a teabag on a string when your back home as a lovely reminder of your trip!

6). That sound of wine glug glug glugging In to a glass is something else.

7). Cleaning the lint out of the fluff catcher in the tumble dryer~ There is something weirdly therapeutic about the way you just swipe around and it all comes off in one.

8). Trying on shoes~ I don’t have to even buy them, I just love strolling into the shoe section literally anywhere, slipping off my shoes and randomly pick out a bunch; shoe boots, wedges, stilettos, sandals, whatever just for the sake of trying them in. I often select styles I wouldn’t buy in a million years just to see what they are like on~ the simple things in life hey!

9). Daily Mail comment section~ Wow people don’t half let rip on there woosh!

10). Whenever I have chocolate it’s a huge treat and usually will only have it on a weekend evening, so it’s got to be enjoyed in a certain way. This involves a hug mug of tea, most definitely a big share bar of something and a weird interval of taking a sip of tea then popping a square of chocolate in my mouth, so it goes all warm and melty. I don’t get these people who put chocolate in the fridge, you just can’t taste it properly!

11). Going into Boots, finding a lovely new perfume, having an epic spritz then waltzing off out again.

12).Finally talking about how amazing my children are, how clever, how beautiful, how funny, I’m talking whether you’re listening or not, whether your interested or not. Yes I am that annoying mother who thinks her children are the best thing since the world was invented and it’s my true guilty pleasure to sing it from the rooftops.

Have a think of all the random guilty pleasures you have. I guarantee there will be at least one you think is odd and probably wouldn’t share~like I just did 😉

✨Thanks for reading~I really appreciate it ✨


    • ✨I have never heard of these before I just googled them and they look so yummy 😋 I will have to have a look for these in Tesco defo going to try these now👍🏻 thanks for commenting who knows I may of found a new one 😆✨


  1. Cleaning the lint from the dryer … now there’s a new one! And cold toast … hmmmm … a fun post, but I think I’ll leave those particular shoe styles for YOU to try on. I would have nothing to go with them anyway. 😋


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