✨What I’ve Enjoyed Most In February✨

Well February came and went like a mystical creature, did we even stop to shake hands?! Never has a month flown by quite so quickly for me, I found myself pleading with it to slow down on more than one occasion. Nevertheless it has been just as wonderful as last month, we have been super busy and I’ve loved every moment of it. I vowed to myself I would be even more conscious of the fantastic experiences each month brings, be most grateful for the beauty each day brings and choose to enjoy the simple things even more so. By creating a sort of monthly round up I find I go back over the things I’ve enjoyed that month and it brings me back into that moment of happiness.

Family & Friends

This month has been extremely sociable and I for one am not complaining. There hasn’t really been a day this month where we haven’t caught up with either a great friend or family member. It has been really lovely for my children to have so many other children to play with every single day and it’s been good for me to have something or someone to look forward to each day. The most memorable of the month by far was our surprise big family get together for my uncles 60th birthday. It filled me with so much joy to spend time with cousins especially, that I hadn’t seen in almost a decade for some. It really made me quite emotional being surrounded by everyone I love, everyone all coming together and having a great time, it was just so heartwarming. From that wonderful day I learned that no matter how busy life gets or how much we focus on other things, family is of the upmost importance and nothing should get in the way of a visit, a phone call or even just a quick text. I indulged in a yummy buffet, tasty wine and some quality family time, perfect day!


Playgroups aren’t out the ordinary for me by any means especially since I had my youngest who’s 3 in July. I’d say the last year in particular I’ve really committed to making the most of them as I know once my little man starts full time school next September, I’ll never get this time back. We have based our weekly routine around them for the last 12/18 months religiously and there are 4 local ones we enjoy. It is our little quality time together, singing, crafting and playing and seeing how much he has come on development wise is outstanding. We have 2 favourites ~ the playgroup at the primary school my daughter goes to, as this is where all of his main friends go and the ones he will go on to pre school with this September. The other is a local church which is run by the most loving and caring elderly ladies I’ve ever met, they remind me of the Shreddies knitting Nanas, only with the biggest smiles and even bigger hearts.


I have a new found love of incorporating weights into my home workouts and I truly don’t feel like I’ve done the best I can if I don’t do a little weight lifting. I only use 3kg dumbbells nothing too strenuous and I don’t do anything too complicated I simply just follow a workout from YouTube. Now when I’ve completed my morning workout I feel like I’ve accomplished a little more with this great addition.


Holy moly bagels are the new Beyoncé of the bread world in my opinion and I’m crazy in love with those little beauties. I don’t actually have these for breakfast (nothing beats my spicy spinach omelettes) but for lunch these are my new favourite. Filled with tuna, mayo and sweetcorn, roasted chicken & bistro salad, breaded ham and cheddar cheese anything goes. There really isn’t anything I’ve been enjoying for lunch that tops a good old toasted bagel sandwich:)

Ralph Lauren Sweater

I’ve worn this baby at least 5 times this month I love it so much. I have many jumpers but none of this quality, you know the type that suffocate your skin and just make you sweat. Well this one is the perfect amount of warmth without making you all clammy due to the 100% natural material used. From now on I believe investing in decent sweatshirt materials is totally worth it and who can deny the stylish look of this traditional brand. I’m so glad I opted for the classic cream colour and not the pink I was originally going to purchase as this will be a forever piece in my wardrobe, which will go with so much more and hopefully stand the test of time.

Half Term

Ive really enjoyed this half term with my children and to top it off the weather has been glorious, record breaking for February apparently. We have really been making the most of the warm days by getting down on the beach, picnicking on the sand and in the park. We’ve been pottery painting, enjoying afternoon tea at a local Fro-Yo shop, we’ve been to soft play, had numerous play dates with friends, a gymnastics taster morning, a bouncy castle birthday party and a Swedish Night. We’ve painted, baked, crafted and play dough-ed until the cows came home and really relished every moment. Recently I am more mindful than ever of how quickly my children are growing up and how important it is to be completely present in every given moment. There has been times this week where I’ve felt almost emotional at the sheer sight of there happy faces and I really can’t wait for the next half term now to do it all again!

So February for me was fun packed and fabulous and I can’t wait to see what March has in store.

What have you enjoyed most about February?

✨✨Until next time thanks so much for reading🥰✨✨


  1. That’s so lovely you are incorporating lifting weights into your workout routine! I’d like to as well as haven’t lifted in a while. I’m not sure how many days per week to start with. How many days a week are you doing?


    • ✨thank you so much for reading 😊 I do 4 mon, tues, thurs & fri typically. I get up at 5.30 before my kids wake I start with a 20/30min cardio workout which includes weights I only follow along with YouTube videos, then I will do a 10 min ab workout and finish with 10 mins of yoga. If you follow me on Instagram I’ve posted some examples of workouts on there Live Positively Chic
      Thank for commenting 💞✨

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Amy,

    As you said, it was a lovely family time. We don’t get together often enough,

    Keep up the good work, Daddy. x


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