My Simple Everyday Makeup Routine

Let me start off by saying if you had seen my everyday makeup approximately 6 years ago, you would be shocked at the difference. In fact you wouldn’t even recognise my face. I may post a photo one day but right now it’s a makeup phase I like to put to the back of my mind. Let’s just say the ‘natural look’ hadn’t quite made it int my vocabulary by that point and applying 4 sets of eyelashes to pop the bins out was as normal as brushing my teeth. These days I am most definitely more au natural, not only because I prefer that look but because I would rather put the time and energy into other things. Having only a few spare minutes each day I have nailed my look down to only 6 products in just 5 minutes.

I do my full skincare routine at night which you can find on a previous blog post ‘My skincare routine’, so in the morning I prep my skin for makeup rather basically. I literally wipe a cotton pad over my face soaked in my favourite toner of all time~L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect, then I moisture with Nivea So Soft Moisturiser. I don’t use any fancy primers or pore minimisers, just good old moisturiser is enough for me, especially on an average day. If this was in peak summer of course, I would be factored up to the nines as anyone who knows me will tell you, I am on point with sun protection especially with my children. Once my face is simply prepped I can get started..

Before (completely no makeup)

After (using all of the products below)


This is a foundation I recently came back to and I can’t believe I ever stopped using it. I find three quarters of the year this colour works perfect with my skin tone and in summer the next shade up is also a perfect match. The combination of serum with the foundation helps this glide on like a dream and the fact in contains an SPF is also a bonus. This gives a light to medium coverage and does build really well as it doesn’t sit completely matt. I do my makeup at crazy o’clock early in the morning and it’s still fresh by the end of the day, so the staying power is immense. I would recommend this foundation to everyone especially anyone who might have a dryer skin thanks to the serum, it doesn’t cling onto dry areas and looks flawless all day.


I love this Ted Baker Shades Blooms pallet so much as the shade are super pigmented, they last well all day and don’t crease. So after foundation it’s straight in with the eyes and with this everyday look I just use the bottom left pink shade to swipe over my entire lid and that’s it. No crease filling, shading or anything complicated just one block colour which is subtle enough to pass as natural but just enough shimmer to make the eyes pop.

To save time I use the same pallet to double up as an eyebrow filler and this shade is an obvious one to spot as I’ve hit pan on it. I just use my finest real techniques brush to fill my brows in with this very subtle shade.

Next it’s straight in with a very subtle coat or two of L’Oréal Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara. I only ever buy this mascara as I have found it to be unbeatable for my lashes. It gives perfect separation, the brush is flexible so really works into the lashes coating them well without clumping. It doesn’t flake at all which is a big one for me as I can’t stand when I end up with lots of fine flakes on my cheeks from other mascaras I’ve used in the past. All in all this is 100% the best value mascara I’ve ever used!


You can see this is well loved as I’ve gone to town on almost all of the shades. I typically only ever use the bronzer shade in the middle and the blush this time of year and go right in on the highlight more so in spring/summer. The bronze is the perfect shade, it has no orangey tone to it at all and so really looks natural but builds well for a more dramatic look. This blush is also a fantastic match for my skin tone, again the right balance of pinky/peach without being too harsh. Kate Moss for Rimmel London Coral Glow compact really is fantastic, super affordable and everything you need in one compact.


I suffer with dry, flaky lips all year round whatever the weather, which is a bit of pain as I am forever popping on lip balm. But the good thing there is I can recommend the best as I have honesty worked my way through almost every lip balm invented. I can hands down tell you this is the most effective lip balm/butter I’ve ever used, in fact it is that good I would 100% pay tripled the price! This product is actually part of a set from Home Bargains and they are all cocktail theme. They smell exactly like the cocktail they are meant to and taste a bit like them too. I always prep my lips with this before I apply my lipstick.

I never feel completely done and ready to go until I have applied some colour to my lips and I never go out the house without my lippy on. I typically only ever wear 2 colours either pink or nude. Recently I’ve found myself reaching mostly for this shade by Ted Baker as it has some pop to it and since the weather has been picking up, I find a brighter shade of pink really brightens up my face.

That is all I do on an average day to day basis and it never takes more than 5 minutes, which is just what I need on a busy school morning.

What make up products do you swear by? I love new recommendations!

What 1 make up product could you not live without?

✨Thanks for you time~hope your day is wonderful!💞✨


    • ✨thankyou so much you’re always so lovely 😊 I was a bit unsure about putting that pic on with zero makeup but then I thought well that’s my real face a bit of redness and eye bags I’m all about embracing your true self and being confident so I sent that baby love for the entire world to see 🤣 loads of love 😘😘


  1. Wonderful post!! I love that eyeshadow pallet- the colors are gorgeous- I will have to give it a try!! I couldn’t live without IT CC Cream Foundation, it is absolutely my favortite foundation and it has SPF in it!


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