✨✨Believe In Yourself✨✨

Do you ever feel disheartened by other people’s negative influence over you and your feelings? Or do you ever wish people would give you some words of encouragement, show more interest or offer a helpful suggestion? Maybe you lack the confidence in going for something you really want to go for, or feel like something is too far out of reach? Do you lack in self believe so are always seeking the assurance of others, hoping they think the way do then treating that as some sort of thumbs up? I know I have, all of the above and probably much more. One thing I’ve learned is you can’t simply wait around for the approval of everyone else, I don’t mean in an arrogant way I mean that in an ”if I don’t have faith in myself I can’t expect others to” kind of way. Another thing I learnt quite early on in life is self pity doesn’t cut it either, feeling sorry for yourself or expecting people to feel bad for you doesn’t get you anywhere in the long run. I promise I say that with the best intentions because I’ve done it myself and I know firsthand it wears thin. When I was younger I’d think if people felt a bit awwwww for me they would be easier on me, nope eventually people respect you less and have less faith in you as a person.

So what are you suppose to do? Have faith in yourself, believe in what you stand for, develop a strong mindset and don’t let anyone stop you. You have one life you can’t sit around solely dreaming, dreams are goals and goals are fantastic but you must act on them. So let’s say you try and try but every time you get a step ahead something pushes you 10 steps back. It’s easy to just say ‘that’s it! I’m sick of trying and not getting anywhere’ ~ don’t give up, never give up! So many times in my life I’ve had a great idea or really wanted to do something but gave up because I exhausted myself with attempt, kept getting knocked back or just lost all belief in myself. Then something happened a few years ago that changed my life, changed the way I see the world, changed the way I see myself. I almost lost my life. Experiencing something like that I understand can go 1 of 2 ways you either fear the world, choose to live cautiously and allow it to have a negative impact on you, or you grab onto every hope, every ambition, every simple thing with all your might and you never give up trying. I’m not saying everyone has to go through a trauma to find themselves or to start believing in themselves, quite the opposite, I’m simply saying, You can do it. Whatever it is you want out of life Go get it. Be who you want to be you are just as important as everyone else. Never let anyone hold you back and that includes yourself, have faith in your ability. People think your input or suggestions aren’t of importance? know your worth. You lack confidence in general? believe in yourself, believe with everything you have inside of you. You are capable, you are worthy and you are deserving of good things, all you have to do is believe it!

I used to do this thing it was called allowing others to dictate my feelings towards myself. Anyone could comment or roll their eyes at my opinion or idea and I’d immediately agree with them, they must be right, what was I thinking, stupid me. Now I will respect an alternative view but I will not allow it to negatively impact my self esteem. I think if anyone try’s to knock your confidence or forces a negative view on you to bring you down the best thing you can do is stand strong and by strong I mean head strong. As time goes on what I lack in physical strength I more than make up for with mental strength. I couldn’t hold my own if someone were to attack me physically but I could withstand a sheer amount mentality. Being so headstrong comes from one thing only, belief. What I wish for even just one person to take away from this is don’t rely on others to assure you of yourself. Learn to love yourself, like and respect the person you are. You are capable, don’t let anyone stand in your way least of all yourself. You are worthy, you are deserving and you can, you just have to believe in yourself!✨✨✨

I’m beyond grateful for you taking your time to read💞✨


  1. Hello my love, I really enjoyed reading this. I think everyone feels unworthy at some point in their life. I’m going to keep this post and read it when I feel I need to. Big love to you 😘


    • ✨ Thank you my beautiful~ I was unsure of posting at first as I wrote this in a slightly less positive place myself & today I’m on top of the world again but that’s life, we are all human, we all have ups & downs so it’s an honest way of looking at life. I’m glad you found it helpful angel lots of love💞✨


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