✨Things I Should Probably Find Embarrassing But Don’t✨

I often explain to people I’m sure I was born without an embarrassing gene, if that’s even a thing?! I find I’m kind of easy going when it comes to dealing with faux pas’ or things which I ‘should’ get embarrassed by but don’t. Don’t get me wrong when I was younger I suppose I was a bit more self aware of looking a bit silly but I think I hit mid twenties and lost all sense of embarrassment. I find for me this comes down to two reasons~one is I kind of grew a thick skin from having a lot of people be quite judgmental towards me, which I am completely fine about as it is what leads me on to the second reason, which is I accept me. I accept that I’m going to fall over in public, hell I fell down a flight of stairs in the dentist not long ago. I accept that I’m going to say the wrong thing once in a while, not know the answer to something really simple, forget things, maybe be put on the spot and be expected to not look like a total wally, but in reality go on and fail. I accept I’m not perfect, I make mistakes all the time, I don’t take myself too seriously and can laugh at myself in ‘awkward’ situations.

This leads me on to a few things past and present that I should probably be embarrassed of but I’m really not…

My ‘Past’ Eyelashes~ And I’m not just talking ones on your face, oh no I had them on my car too! Looking back 8 years ago I should probably feel a bit daft driving round with flappy eyelashes on my little 107 but I was the first person in my local area to put them on and then surprisingly a lot of people followed suit. So really I started a little trend there 😉 A trend that didn’t kick off at the time was sticking 6 sets of eyelashes together, applying them to my weighed down eyes and then further weighing them down with 17 coats of mascara for everyday. I was even known as ‘the girl with the lashes’. Yes it looked awful, yes I look at old photos and think “why Amy, why?” but am I embarrassed? Nope because I enjoyed it at the time and am able to look back and laugh at myself. Now I never wear fake lashes unless it’s a very special occasion and even then it’s one natural looking set, with zero mascara added.

My ‘Past’ Nails~ Oh Lordy we thought the lashes were bad, it gets worse so much worse…we think girls have long nails these days holy moly let’s just say I used to just ask for the number to be trimmed off the end of the extension and we will leave it there! Now I can’t stand long nails on myself and they are cut and filed right down super short and painted very natural. I do look back at photos sometime and think I probably should feel embarrassed by how ‘unclassy’ they looked and for how often people would comment on them. I had these at a time long before they were as popular as now so in honesty nobody would bat an eyelid now I don’t suppose!

My lack of knowledge of certain things~ I know what I know, I know what I need to know and if I find I want to know something I will seek a way in which to learn it. But growing up I wasn’t the most academic child and I wouldn’t say I’ve really improved much as an adult. Do I get down about it?~nope, do I let it knock my confidence?~nope. I don’t let my GCSE grades define me as a person I have got by very well in life through determination, being persistent and never giving up.

Always ordering the ‘not so fancy’ option in really nice restaurants~ I eat ridiculously healthy throughout the week, staying focused and completely conscious of the quality of nutrients I put into my body. With that said when I go out to eat, I am out to eat and I am not a dainty one to order. No matter how sophisticated I would like to be the reality is I am taking a mammoth size bite out of the million oz burger with all the bacon, cheese, firejack sauce and did someone say there’s an onion ring squashed on there too? Don’t mind if I do! Another thing people give me ‘that look’ about is if I decide to go for the giant pizza with all the chilli seeds, jalapeños and spicy meat, is that I ask for HP sauce to go with it~hey don’t knock it til you try it! So there’s no pan fried sea bass, scallops or lobster here just straight up proper food. If I’m fortunate enough, it will stay off my chin and in between my teeth, but darling isn’t that what a napkin and Prosecco are for? 😉

Putting Myself Out There ~Many people don’t get the whole blogging thing or understand how or why anyone would want to publicise their thoughts, feelings and opinions and that’s ok. I think a lot of people would maybe feel embarrassed by what others would perceive, there might well be people who think I ought to be embarrassed for wanting to blog, but I really don’t feel that way. I am that person who takes great interest in others and the things they like, the lifestyle they lead and the way I look at it is if people are interested in reading or seeing what I put out then that’s wonderful. People will pick and choose what they want to take from anything I write, sometimes they will agree, sometimes they won’t and I’m cool with that but I wouldn’t say there is anything to feel embarrassed by. I post makeup free, just got out of bed head photos at 5.30am weekdays recently of my morning workouts on Instagram, so if I really felt embarrassed by this there’s no way I would be sharing those with the entire internet world to see!

Being such a lightweight~This becomes less embarrassing the older you get let me tell you! So you can’t handle more than a glass of wine you are labelled a lightweight when you are ‘younger’ when you are respectably ‘older’ I say more fool the not so lightweight as they are going to feel twice as bad as I will will in the morning. I know my limit and oddly for someone who has drank a small glass of red wine with dinner pretty much everyday since the age of 19 let me tell you that is my limit! Maybe it’s just my body is used to moderation but I just can’t drink. I’ve been on many a night out pre children and had people have a good laugh at how I switch to Diet Coke after 2 glasses of wine and continue to drink soft drink is for the rest of the night. I used to do the sneaky round and on my turn order everyone alcohol and myself a ‘vodka & Diet Coke’~minus the vodka. Now I’m a proud ‘lightweight’ as I always know I have my children to take care of the next day for instance and I would be a useless mama the next day had I been a non ‘lightweight’!

Complaining ~This next one is very light hearted, I feel I must add I am the most grateful of people and show great gratitude to every aspect daily~here I am speaking of situations when you are within your every right to complain for being treated badly or being just plain ripped off.

I am actually very good at this and if you received a qualification I’d sit proud at intermediate! When I say complain I mean where it’s needed of course, for example bad service or faulty products and I must add I am never rude. If anything I believe that’s why I have always been so successful in complaining as I am the upmost polite but also very to the point and never back down. I’ve bought things in the past that have been complete rubbish and lost all rights to return but somehow always managed to get refunds. I have had bills discounted, extra bonuses added to services and complimentary side orders in restaurants etc. I don’t go out of my way to be awkward, crikey who has time for that with 3 kids? But if a situation ever arose, one where the average person would just let it go because they would be embarrassed to speak up, I’m that person who simply can’t.

Are you easily embarrassed?

Can you think of anything that you do or have done that the average person would cringe at but you remain unfazed?

Comment your thoughts below~ I love to hear different opinions on subjects such as these 🙂

Thank you for reading💞✨


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