✨Things I’ve Enjoyed Most In March✨

Ok, so can we perleeease woah horsey on this year! How are we into our 4th month already? Is this an age thing where the older you get your ‘life pedal’ hits the metal? Or does someone somewhere have their finger on a fast forward button? Either way I feel now more than ever so determined to slow myself down and keep bringing myself back into the present, it’s the only way I can take it all in and truly appreciate the good in each day. March has been full of many great days with either my children, my husband and friends, I have everything to be grateful for.

So what have I been enjoying in March~let’s see…


I had to start with this one as exercise has been a major part of my life this month and forever may it continue. I’ve dipped in and out of fitness fads here and there starting, to only stop on day 3 but let me tell you, something has come over me. I am hooked! As I write this I am currently half way through week 5 of a 5 day week workout schedule, having Saturday and Sunday to rest. I am up before the household at 5.30am and use my kids playroom as my haven for an hour of working out. I have devised my own little routine mixing weights, cardio, abdominal work and yoga and I simply follow along from YouTube on my phone. I have had to learn a great deal of self motivation to keep pulling myself out of my cosy bed every single morning and into my trainers, when it’s still dark outside. But determination and making it part of my morning routine everyday has now formed a habit and now I no longer struggle to get up, in fact I’m waking up before my alarm goes off! The last week of March has also seen me join an ‘Insanity’ class which is on every Monday 8-9pm. It was the most intense cardio I’ve ever encountered but I loved every second of it and now I have another reason to love Monday’s, as I can’t wait to go again! I am feeling the most alert, full of energy, super healthy and most of all positive. I have finally found a hobby and it’s one which my physical and mental wellbeing benefits from in the best way possible.

Comfy Workout Gear

Leading on from the previous I have kind of adopted the gym leggings & trainers look for the school run in the morning and I don’t feel like a plonker. I feel like I am somewhat kind of qualified to walk around in workout clobber every now and then now as I actually ‘workout,’ whereas before I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Pulling on jeans when you have been getting your comfy on is not the one, let me tell you! Seems my new style is ‘comfy’ and I’m more than down for that!

Chinese & Drinks With My Friends

One of my lovely friends is getting married this April and so she organised a lovely get together for all of her friends at hers. My perfect night let me tell you, we all went in our pyjamas, drank Prosecco, ate loads of the best takeaway and most importantly had some lovely chats. It’s not often we get chance to get together as we are mostly all busy mamas, so times like these are so important and super special. I can’t wait for the wedding now it’s going to be so amazing!


Did anyone watch Cheat? Wow it was so good my hubby and I were gripped! I’m so glad we recorded it all prior to watching as we just had to literally watch one after the other. It was a 4 part series on ITV so you can find it on demand and I highly recommend you check it out. It follows a school teacher who fails a student for suspected cheating on a paper and it seems it was the biggest mistake she could of made. The student seeks revenge in the most disturbing ways, setting out to ruin her life. Full of twists, turns & tension building drama~go and download it now!

Marie Kondo

Queen of mindful organising Marie Kondo or the ‘Kon Mari Method’ as it’s known has tripped over into my home of late and I am enjoying the effects. Basically the method involves following a checklist which lists organising in categories rather than rooms, which enables you to actually see what and how much of each category you possess. You start with clothes as it’s the easiest one to start with, as we hold less sentimental attachment to items we wear. You take each item in your hands and ask yourself if it ‘sparks joy’ if yes then you keep the item, if the answer is no, you thank the item for serving its purpose and then let it go with gratitude. The idea is to achieve a home filled entirely with things that spark joy, meaning your surroundings are full of positive energy, things you love and happiness. I have been putting this to good use throughout majority of the categories now and the uplifting and refreshing feeling I have is so revitalising. I recommend anyone give this a try just google Kon Mari Method or Marie Kondo or type it into Pinterest.

Brazilian Themed Night & Homemade Pizzas

The theme for this months 3 courser was Brazilian and I know I said this last month but honestly this one was the best ever! Omg my culinary skills were really put to the test with the amount of time and hard work that went into it, but I was extremely delighted with how it all turned out. Not to mention I have now discovered my new favourite cocktail! Take a look at my previous blog to see it all in more detail and the recipes and methods, you have to try this out for yourself!

Keeping on the food topic, homemade pizzas are the new weekend favourite in our house. The kids love it as they get to make their own dinner and I make it fun by putting loads of healthy and colourful ingredients in separate bowls for them to help themselves. There’s a great deal of washing up and floor sweeping afterwards but totally worth it.

Mother’s Day

Finally the end of the month bought the forever lovely Mother’s Day. It made me so happy, to see how excited my beautiful children were to bring cards and chocolates in to me, in bed this year especially. What was even cuter was the fact my youngest was convinced it was another celebration and repeatedly shouted “happy birthday Mummy!” I’ll be honest the actual day itself was like every other Sunday and that’s because Sunday is one of our busiest days. All the kids have their swimming lessons, the food shopping, preparation for the week ahead, but it was how I felt that was the difference. I feel this year I was most mindful of the fact I am the Mother of these 3 amazing, thoroughly beautiful human beings and how grateful I am to be blessed with their love, their spirit for life and their happy smiles every single day. I thought of my own Mother and my my Mother in Law and how much they do for me and my children and how much I love them dearly. I gave a thought to the amazing Mother’s I knew that had passed such as my Nana and Great Nana. I was mindful of the lovely people I know who have lost their Mothers and might find this day one of the hardest to see through. Then I thought of Mother’s in general, how wonderful it is to have them and how unexplainable it is to be one. Being a Mum is hard work, there is always something that needs doing, someone who needs something and often we feel like we are just muddling through each day the best way we can in hope we are doing it all correctly. But the rewards of such forever outweigh any tough moments and it’s concentrating on those that make us so grateful for being Mum.

So there we have it, a few snippets of what I have mostly enjoyed about the month of March~here’s to April! I can’t wait to see what that brings:)

Have you enjoyed anything in particular in March, we’re there any stand out moments for you?

Comment below I love hearing what everyone else has been getting up to and enjoying!

Come and follow me over on Instagram @livepositivelychic Until next week~Thanks for reading

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