✨What I Eat In A Day ‘To Support Muscle Gain’✨

Everyone who knows me knows I am ridiculously strict on the high standard of nutrition I put into my body. I smash most recommend allowances for majority of vitamins and minerals yet I have always fell into that that catergory of ‘skinny fat’. Basically what that means is I am slim with zero muscle. Many people suffer with this when dieting they restrict their calories and fat intake but not only do they lose weight they lose a great amount of muscle mass too if they aren’t keeping other nutrients up. Eventually ending up ‘skinny fat’~I hate that term but that’s what they call it. So what did I do? I did what I always do and spoke to my husband (he is a body builder so knows his stuff) and he sat down and explained to me the importance of working out what my individual body needs in the form of nutrients based on my height, weight and goals. In order to bring your body fat down but bring you muscle mass up you need a certain amount of fats, carbs and most importantly protein. They say 1g of protein per lb you weight unless you weight right over a certain amount and yes eating fat is super important too. Now even though I am extremely clued up on nutrition I am not a qualified nutritionist so I am in no way trained to give any further advise on this so I will now just go into what I have been doing to reduce my body fat and begin gaining muscle. This is a genuine what I ate in a whole day….


Its 7.15am on a Wednesday

I start every single morning by drinking a pint of water and taking a multi vitamin, cod liver oil and a multi B Vitamin tablet. Today is no different to any other really and I continue on with my typical fruit of choice, which is a large orange. Not only is it refreshing and delicious but the vitamin C helps the absorption of iron which my body naturally struggles with. I then whipped up a 3 egg omelette consisting of chopped courgette, mushrooms, onion, yellow pepper, spinach and chilli flakes. This is quite the start to the day and keeps me full right up until lunch, I couldn’t squeeze anymore goodness into breakfast if I tried.



Today was a weights day and I really wanted to get the most protein in possible so I went for a super salad. I had bistro salad leaves, peppers, onions, cucumber a whole tin of tuna chunks and 100g cottage cheese. There was 41g of protein in this which for a salad is pretty good, not mention how tasty it was. Who knew mixing cottage cheese and tuna together would work but trust me it really does.



If I had more carbs at lunch I probably wouldn’t of had a snack now but it’s an hour before gym and I will need something for energy, so I have a pre workout drink and a banana.



Trying to hit the rest of my target in nutrients I go for gammon, egg, brown rice with added quinoa, green beans, mushrooms and spinach. The high protein, good balance of carbs and the goodness in the greens is the best I can consume to help repair my body after a workout.

Pudding (sofa snack)


I have never gone an evening where I could just go to bed without having something to eat, plus I think I associate chilling with a treat so I chose a healthy option of 200g Greek yogurt which is super high in protein, chopped strawberries and a sprinkle of canderel. So tasty and so satisfying to enjoy with my feet up oh I also had a cappuccino too.

So that everything I ate that day to hit my target fats, carbs and protein I felt satisfied in between meals and had enough energy from the minute I woke up until I went to bed. By suiting a healthy diet to your individual body depending on your own unique height, weight and measurements, you are supplying your body with its own recommend amount of nutrients which overall makes you feel good and keeps you energised. I would definitely recommend checking out macro nutrients and giving it a go tracking them, I thought it was going to be too much hassle in all honestly at first but now I am getting used to it and really feeling the benefits, I’m going to continue on with it.

Have you ever considered following a macro diet? It’s worth checking out as you can use it for either losing weight, bulking up or just healthily maintaining you current body weight

Thankyou for reading


    • ✨ah great glad you found it helpful I’ve still a lot to learn but if you think about it it does make sense to count macros rather than just calories as it’s about being healthy, nourished and strong not just what number we see on the scales~thanks for always being super supportive☺️💞✨


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