Baby Names I Love But Won’t Be Using

When writing my blog I do try to always keep with being as original as I possibly can. Every now and then I will come across a theme elsewhere which makes me think ‘oh I’d like to do that too’ and there’s nothing wrong with that. There are millions of bloggers doing the same ‘tags’ or ‘themed posts’ and it’s not about copying it’s about being inspired and then putting your own spin on it. This is how I came to write about this topic, I’m a mummy and have been for almost 12 years. I had my first child as a young mum and my second and third much later on and I know I am definitely finished when it comes to having anymore children. When I look back to when I was carrying each of them one of the things I always felt excited by was the name choosing. I am and have always been a girly, girls girl and loved so many pretty girls names. Boys names I found a bit harder to think of but I know many people who have said the same too. I just feel like there is slightly less choice in my opinion a bit like the boys section in Next but that’s for another day 🙂

I have always found names fascinate me, since I was really small and I would carefully select my best name of the week for my favourite Barbie doll of the moment. Choosing names for my pet hamsters to naming my children, I have always enjoyed thinking of a name and how it came about. I am always most interested in what name an expectant Mother is going to pick and what it was that inspired their choice. With that said I have decided to make a list of my top 10 baby girls names and my top 10 baby boys names, I was obsessed with looking at these when I was pregnant and if you yourself are expecting and are interested in some name inspiration this may help you, even a friend? You might look at these names and be like they are not for me but that’s part of the fun, we all have different opinions, likes or dislikes so let’s see what we say about my lists then…

10 Girls Names I Love

1). Mischa

2). Amelia

3). Melissa

4). Sophia

5). Jessica

6). Esme

7). Heidi

8). Imogen

9). Lottie

10). Darcey

I certainly notice a preference for names that end in an ‘a’ and in my opinion I would say quite girly types of names are the ones I’m most in favour of. Mischa is a name we almost called our Daughter but we went with something just as pretty in the end. Melissa is one you never really hear of now and is never even in the top 500 which surprises me as I think it has a really nice sound to it. Being a rarer name for babies these days, it isn’t too common but not too out there either if that’s not your thing.

10 Boys Names I Love

1). Hugo

2). Lincoln

3). Conor

4). Teddy

5). James

6). Reece

7). Jesse

8). Luke

9). Charlie

10). Harry

Again nothing too crazy when it comes to boys names, I like them quite traditional but with a bit of ‘cool’ and I do like strong, short and simple sound to the name. All these names are fitting on a grown man but equally as cute on a little boy. I’ve loved the name Lincoln ever since the series Prison Break first came out at least a decade ago. Conor was the original name I almost went with for my first son almost 12 years ago and I still love the name today.

My name was chosen from the book ‘Little Women’, the characters Amy, Beth, Megan and Jo inspired the choice as it was my Nana’s favourite book. Each name was put together until Amy-Beth was decided. Although Amy-Beth has always been used by majority of my family I was officially christened Amy Elizabeth which as I’ve grown older I have actually grown to much prefer the sound of. I do always like to think of the little back story to how my name was originally chosen though.

What is your opinion of the names I have listed?

Do you prefer traditional or more unique sounding names?

Leave a comment below I love to hear your thoughts:)

As always Thanks for reading


  1. I loved prison break too! My hubby’s name is Michael, but never thought about Lincoln for a name. When we had my son Elias we narrowed it down to Milo, Gavin and Elias. I’m so glad Elias won out because it fits him perfectly. We loved the name Rhys (pronounced Reece). My girl names were: Mila, Eliza, Zofia, and the rest escape me. We tried for a second, but didn’t have success. Naming your child is such a great responsibility, but can be so fun!


    • ✨✨Elias is such a fab name I’ve never really heard of it but love the sound of it👌🏼How amazing was prison break I watched the whole thing twice over!~have a fantastic Easter time💞✨✨


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