✨Get To Know Yourself Better~An Interview With Yourself✨

Are you the kind of person who loves a good question and answer? How about I suggest you answer 21 questions I’ve sourced below as honestly as you possibly can and it just might help you discover a little something about yourself, you might not of considered before now. For me I spent most of my life struggling to work out who I am completely, what I bring to the table and what my life purpose is. The last few years have been a fantastic journey of discovery, gratitude, finding true happiness and learning so much about my inner self. Asking yourself questions such as these, mindfully putting yourself into scenarios, meditation and practicing gratitude and positivity are just a few ways in which you can begin your own journey to self discovery.

Some of these questions you might find a bit straight to the point (that’s me) some are a little deep, but hey sometime you have to dig deep to find something truly outstanding (and that’s you of course) I have listed the questions and have put my honest answers underneath, go on have a go…

1). One thing you can’t live without?

My children.

2). Are you living a meaningful life?

Yes, I believe I am. I feel fulfilled, find joy in as much as I can and I feel satisfied and grateful with everything I have and the person I am.

3). When is it acceptable, if ever, to break the law?

Only if somebody’s life is in danger and the situation would only benefit in doing so~otherwise I would say absolutely never!

4). What would you want your final words to be?

Always be forever grateful, you will learn this is the true secret to happiness and I love you with every last breathe ~to my children & husband.

5). What inspires you the most?

Positive and happy people inspire me most. I am such a cheerleader for everyone in life and being around positive and happy people, makes me feel even more inspired to do so.

6). List 5 things in the world that you find simply beautiful?

• My wonderful family and friends.

• Enjoying watching my amazing children grow into such kind and happy people.

• A Mother holding her newborn for the first time.

• Random acts of kindness.

• Christmas and everything about it.

7). What makes you feel most empowered?

Feeling self assured, confident and knowing myself as the strong minded woman I’ve grown into makes me feel most empowered.

8). Which is more important what you say or how you say it?

What you say. Sometimes in my opinion it doesn’t matter how you say something people will often interpret it in whichever way they they choose, regardless of how it was delivered. So if I’m not sure what the outcome will be and I haven’t the energy to debate it, I just don’t say it.

9). Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?

I do not believe in heaven and hell in the religious sense of the word, however I do believe you can create your own heaven or hell on earth through life decisions, play it simple and aim for heaven.

10). Do you live to work or work to live?

Well I no longer officially go out to ‘work work’ but even if I did it would be work to live everytime, I can’t honestly see anyone choosing otherwise?! Life satisfaction is far more important to me that job satisfaction, I can’t imagine anyone wishing they worked more in their final moments somehow!

11). Do you trust anyone with your life?

I trust my husband with my life, no doubt about it.

12). would you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

I would say I’m bang smack in the middle. I can be an extrovert in one half of my personality but the other likes to retreat and enjoys peace and solitude.

13). Do you believe in true love?

1 million %.

14). How do you think the world will change in the next 20 years?

I have no control over how the world will change so I try not to over think about it. I do however think technology will be so far advanced we won’t even need to put our own socks on!

15). What is something you are quite certain you will never experience?

A huge amount of wealth and I am happy with that. I believe the hand I was dealt was one rich in love, health and happiness and I wouldn’t trade that for a few extra quid!

16). What impression do you think you give off to people you’ve just met?

I believe I give the impression of being a genuine and kind person but I am well aware I probably can come across a bit much sometimes maybe as I do get a bit excited about things quite easily. People will take you in whichever way they choose to in life and I’ve learned not to worry or put emphasis on whether somebody has a negative opinion of me or not. As long as I am myself and I like myself that’s all that truly matters.

17). One responsibility you wish you didn’t have?

Washing, blow drying and straightening my own hair. I am crap at it, it’s time consuming and I find it so boring.

18). How would your perfect partner treat you?

With respect, understanding, with compromise, trust, with patience and of course with love. My husband has nailed 99% of these on all levels, he just needs a little more patience 😉 although I probably do test them sometimes 🙂

19). What one thing would embarrass you if you were good at it?

Nothing would embarrass me if I were good at it, I’d embrace it and be proud.

20). How do you recharge?

With toast and marmite, a huge brew and my feet up in front of the TV when the kids are in bed.

21). What offends you?

Nothing offends me personally anymore. I accept conflicting views and that people say and do stupid things everyday, but honestly the only thing that would get to me, is if someone were to criticise me as a Mother but even then I’m pretty durable. I know myself I do everything I possibly can with and for my children.

How did you find those?

Did you find anything out about yourself you didn’t know or think about before?

Thankyou for reading ~ I hope you enjoyed answering the questions along with me


    • ✨The beauty I find in these questions is they are actually really quite simple I love how they act almost as a reminder to things we probably already know about ourselves but don’t actually let ourselves be mindful of enough💞✨


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