✨What I Enjoyed Most In April✨

Dates with my kids

Being out and about and doing things as a family, all our kids together is something we do all of the time, but individually not so much. It is very rare our kids get to do something with either my husband or I just one on one. So this month I decided to take each of them somewhere on their own to pay them some quality time and attention, just for them to enjoy.

Starting with my Daughter she asked if we could go and see Dumbo the new movie together so that’s what we did. It was a fantastic film and so lovely to see her all grown up and sitting wonderfully in her chair, munching on her toffee popcorn. Every now and then I would glance over and just watch her, eyes fixated on the big screen, a smile on her face. I took in the moment and it really made such a simple activity most meaningful and special.

Next was my eldest Son to choose what he wanted to do, he opted for bowling and a game of pool. We booked a lane at our local bowling alley and had so much fun together as I can be a bit more competitive with him being a lot older. This time was very special indeed for both of us as I don’t get as much opportunity to spend as much time with him as the other two as I share my time with his Father. He is also at an age now where he prefers to do more with his friends which is natural and understandable. Spending time with him on his own gave me the time to appreciate the wonderful young man he’s growing into and to enjoy his fun personality on almost a friend level too. He has such a funny sense of humour and I am being more mindful of taking that in aswell and enjoying his silly jokes.

Finally it was my baby’s turn, he’s almost 3 but most definitely still my baby, we decided swimming and ice cream would be fun. As he isn’t in nursery until September we spend a lot of time doing fun things together anyway, playgroups, park, play dates etc but I still remained present for every minute. Seeing the joy on his face when he found the confidence to kick his legs and let go of me was just wonderful and a yummy ice cream to finish, was the perfect end to a fun afternoon.


So this month saw me switch from my morning home workouts to fully pledged gym, swim and fitness class member and I love it. Until September when my youngest starts nursery I’ll be honest it’s a juggling act to get there, but I am keeping consistent and really doing the most I can when I’m there. My goal is to gain a fair amount of muscle and up my fitness levels. I am enjoying it most because it’s my little bit of time away from the house all by myself and I feel a huge sense of achievement when I have finished not to mention amazing with all those endorphins.


Mid month saw my lovely friend marry the love of her life and it was one beautiful wedding I have to say. It was held in such a gorgeous venue and the vows were exchanged outside in the beautiful gardens in the sunshine. The food was incredible, the company was fantastic and it was so lovely to spend time with the hubby just us two without the kids. We danced, drank Prosecco and smiled all day long and the bride looked absolutely stunning.


As you can see Easter half term was jam packed with activities, fun and quality family time. Each half term that comes around I like to have a good solid plan of action so there are no wasted days loitering around and there is no chance of me hearing anyone whinge “I’m borrrred!” The weather was the best we could of asked for so the factor 50 was slathered on, we made the most of playing in the garden in between our outings and the bbq worked some overtime. All in all I’ll go as far as saying this was my best Easter holidays I’ve had so far!

Dove Visable Glow

After my spray tan washed off after the wedding I began missing my bronzed limbs so thought I would give this a go and Wow what a fantastic product it is just amazing. Regular spray tanning just isn’t for me I needed something I could commit to and this is no extra bother as I full body moisturise after a bath or shower anyway. This builds such a natural colour, doesn’t patch at all and doesn’t smell awful. The results are just superb and I only paid £2.99 for it from homebargains so really inexpensive too.


After 4 days of application this is what it builds to

At the end of each month when I write these it takes me back to each individual moment, to how I felt that day, how much I loved using or eating a certain thing and most importantly reminds me of how happy and grateful I am to be alive.

How was your April?

What positive thing stands out to you from the past month?

Thankyou for reading💞✨


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your blog also have forwarded it on,on to facebook. Looking forward to the next one. Xxx


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