✨My Current Fitness And Muscle Tone Building Routine✨

Being a busy Mum of three the thought of doing anything that didn’t solely revolve around my children or my home, wasn’t ever a priority. I have said hundreds of times in the past “I’m going to start going to the gym” but never, ever made the effort to go. One morning back at the beginning of the year I decided I was going to get up 5.30am every single weekday morning and do a YouTube workout. I stuck to this for months, doing mainly cardio keep fit and yoga. My husband then suggest I gave weights a try and boy did I take to those dumbbells like a they were made for my palms! He treated me to a set of 3kg and a set of 5kg’s and some resistance bands and away I went. I got myself into a fantastic little routine of getting up at 5.30am doing a full body weights workout, followed by a 10 minute abdominal workout then finishing with 10/15minutes of yoga to cool down, mentally clear my mind and start the day in a positive and calm way.

Suddenly one day I woke up and had the urge to do more, to really push myself without the limitations of my kids playroom for space, limited equipment and interruptions from my children waking up and trying to sit on my mat or steal my resistance bands from me 🙂 I just had to go to the gym and this time I was more determined than ever!

Walking into the gym for the first time was extremely intimidating I must say, not on a confidence level personally, intimidating in the sense of how overwhelmed I was looking at all this bulky equipment and not have a clue what the hell any of it was for. I must admit I had to pep talk myself in the corridor first, I told myself what I always do in situations like this, you might find this useful yourself actually for other aspects of your life not only fitness. “I am not the only woman to ever turn up at a gym and walk in all by herself before, so if it’s been done before there’s no reason why I can do it!”. I took a deep breathe and swung that door open and burst in so there was no going back.

So where am I at now and what do I do?

• I have increased the weight I am lifting twice now in the time I’ve been going with both my arms and legs.

• I have found my cardiovascular strength has increased significantly.

• I have noticed positive changes to my body mainly in my arms and shoulders and chest.

• I am feeling more alert, energised, positive and productive everyday.

• I am feeling even more confident and not only am I feeling physically stronger my self belief is at its strongest too.

• The overwhelming sense of achievement when I walk out of that gym is literally the best feeling.

Here’s my current routine I’ve been sticking to 3/4 times a week.

1). Up to 30 minutes of cardio workout; 10 minutes of cycling, 10 minutes of vario and 10 minutes of cross over. Not only is this a good little calorie burner and good at getting that heart pumping it really warms up the muscles ready for lifting afterwards.

2). After I’m fully warmed up I head over to the vertical traction pull down, the vertical traction push up and the chest press. The weights of each vary I can typically pull down 35kg, push up 12.5kg and chest press 15kg comfortably. I will do 3/4 sets of 10/12 reps on each.

3). Next I move on to legs which consists of leg press 50kg 4 sets of 12 reps. Leg curl 20kg 4 sets of 12 reps. Leg extension 17.5kg 4 sets 12 reps.

4). Now I move onto the mat and give a full 30 minutes of a free style mix of abdominal, legs, shoulders and arms. Holding a 5kg weight I will crunch, sit up, V-twist and scissor legs. I will do reverse crunch’s, planks and mountain climbers. I will do a couple of bicep lifts such as 21’s, dumbbell curls, hammer curls and upright rows in a squat. Finally I will finish on a couple of leg and butt exercises such as goblet squats with 8kg kettle bell, sumo squats and kettlebell swings all in sets of 3 ~12 reps.

The goal I have set myself is to build as much lean muscle on my arm, shoulders and legs as I possibly can whilst maintaining a lean stomach. I am really determined to get there and believe I will achieve my goal as I’m not looking at it as a challenge and that’s it. I see it as a lifestyle, as something I will continue to maintain indefinitely.

There are the odd days when I really have to push myself to go as I have too much to do at home or I don’t feel motivated enough. Instead of not going, those are the days I push myself the most. I find some self motivation and I let go of whatever chores I have to do, decide to come back to them later and dedicate an hour or so to myself. Instead of feeling selfish I feel it helps make me a better person as I am even more positive, calm and present with other areas of my life, especially with my children.

What would I say to someone who wants to start going to the gym but isn’t sure how to get into it?

• Have a goal, what is it you want to achieve? By having this set in your mind you will find it will be your motivator on days when you just can’t be bothered to show up.

• Eat a really good, healthy and balanced diet. Keep proteins high, carbs and fat moderate and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. I have a previous blog post ‘what I eat in a day to support muscle gain’ check it out for more on diet.

• Invest in something good to wear. This isn’t a deal breaker if you don’t but for me I find if I put on something I feel fantastic in I’m more inclined to do it. My mind sets itself into ‘let’s smash it’ mode when I’m wearing the correct gear and when I’m feeling comfortable and supported. Tkmaxx and Sports Direct are where I go for workout clothes as they are really affordable and good quality.

• Just go! You can procrastinate, ponder and think of all the excuses in the world to support why you shouldn’t or can’t do it. But you will find the first time you walk out of that gym following completing a workout I guarantee you will feel amazing and want to go again.

• Stay consistent as consistency is the key to success in everything in life. The more consistent you are, the more you will see results, the more results you see your self belief goes up, the more your self belief goes up the more motivation you have. The more motivation you have the more consistent you will become, the more consistent you become the more results you see, the more results you see, the more your self belief goes up and the more your self belief goes up the more motivation you have. Chain reaction in motion right there!

Follow me on Instagram @ live positively chic where you will be kept up to date with what I’m doing. I will help keep you going with all my motivational fitness posts and food inspiration 🙂

Thanks for reading super grateful


  1. A great read again Amy! As someone who has been struggling to maintain a good routine (I started getting up at 5.30am too!!) this is very inspirational! I’m just recovering from anaemia (veggie diet doesn’t always help when we’re eating late or what we find in the fridge!) so I’m sitting down to do some meal planning today! I always did it with slimming world so I know it’s easy really 😂 so the fridge is packed with kale, green veg and spinach, so I’ll soon be back up there! Thanks again for the inspiring blogs! Love them 💖


    • ✨Thankyou so much makes me happy to know you find them helpful ~ a lot of the time it’s things people already know but it’s little reminders or a little cheerlead that keeps everyone on track now & again😁 Tomorrow is a new week let’s smash it💪🏻🙌💞✨


  2. Another great blog post. I am that person that lacks confidence, so walking into a gym would be a big thing for me. However nearly three months ago I would never have bothered with any form of exercise let alone the thought of keeping at it rather than out being a fad. But here I am and still at it. Maybe one day I might venture through those intimidating doors and check out what’s behind them…. Who knows.


    • ✨I have every faith in you😊 honestly I still have a funny feeling approaching the entrance every now & then but I find confidence from my inner self and tell myself I’m worthy of feeling fantastic and nothing is going to stop me then I burst through the door & it’s too late then I have to go through with it 🤣 Thankyou for taking your time out to read I’m always grateful~let’s have the best week ~ Monday we are ready for you💪🏻🙌💞✨


  3. I love this post, you go girl! I’ve had such a love hate relationship with the gym and defined, strong arms like yours are what I’m aiming for.. you’ve just given me that motivation to get up an hour earlier tomorrow and join my boyfriend in the gym before work! xxx


    • ✨This makes me so happy Thankyou so much I’m so glad you have found it helpful in some way~you are fabulous sweetie & you go smash that gym tomorrow💪🏻🙌Monday’s are the best for fresh goals & motivation I wish for you the best Monday ever💞✨

      Liked by 1 person

      • I did it, this honestly did motivate me to get up and go this morning! Just 3.5k this morning but hoping to go again tomorrow and begin to improve my fitness again 💪🏻✌🏻have a wonderful Monday 💖


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