✨What I’ve been enjoying in May✨

Wonderpark At The Cinema

The beginning of the month saw another trip to the cinema and wow did this film strike every emotion possible for me. If you know me well you will know I can find the smallest meaning in everything and in every way possible. In fact it’s quite possible you watch this and think what the hell is this woman on about I never thought or noticed that?! For a kids film I must say I took so much away from this personally, walking out with a stronger sense of my own inner strengths and of the belief I have in myself. I came away desperate to discuss the message with my daughter how she must always face her fears, have great inner strength and know she can come through anything even when times feel hard. If you haven’t yet seen Wonderpark I really recommend this film it’s fun, feel good and has a very important message to deliver.

Llandudno Bank Holiday Extravaganza

It’s my Fathers birthday on the 1st of May and my Aunties on the 7th of May falling right around the May bank holiday. Every year they, along with a coach load from my childhood village enjoy a full day of pub crawling through the beautiful town of Llandudno and Wow what a fun day we had. This photo is taken in Wetherspoon’s as you can see this isn’t any old pub, it is a converted grand theatre. The building is stunning even the bathroom is amazing and I find it so beautiful that it still retains many of the original features of how the theatre looked a century ago. My favourite pub in the town is the Cottage Loaf, such a traditional welsh pub and they serve very nice Prosecco I have to say. I had such a lovely day, lots of Prosecco, fun chats and lots of laughs. My wedges snapped and I fell quite literally off my shoes at the top of a hill, I dropped my KFC burger on the floor trying to help a homeless man and we had drunken welsh folk singing all the way home. What was so lovely about the day was I got to spend it with my Daddy and enjoy watching him have the best day too with all of his many, many friends. I will always have fond memories of this day and I can’t wait to go again next year to make new ones.

My Boy’s Individual Achievements

Starting with my eldest Son, this month saw him compete in another swimming gala. He is a member of the swimming club, swimming for the County and I couldn’t be more proud. Watching him in the water makes me so emotional as I can’t get over how grown up he looks and how amazing he swims. He swam in the recent gala held in Llandudno and came 3rd place and 6th place competing against much older boys mostly the age of 15. Swimming is his main hobby, he really loves it and I will do everything I can to encourage him to keep it up as he gets a lot older.

My youngest son became completely potty trained and it only took two days! Two whole days of absolute mess, misery and mayhem but only two days nevertheless. He is as proud of himself as I am and it’s so wonderful to see. We had a bit of a do with him refusing to sit on public toilet seats (who can blame him really!)and me having to carry a Peppa Pig toilet seat around with me quite frankly everywhere we went. But now he has cracked it and my shopping bill just got so much cheaper, no more nappies and hardly any packs of wipes-result.

My Daughter’s 5th Birthday Party

This month my beautiful baby girl turned the grand old age of 5 and what a fun weekend we had to celebrate. She had been so excited to have her birthday, where I had been mentally trying to figure out where all that time went. The main thing we did was throw her a party at the local leisure centre which holds a very popular soft play arena. Watching her have the best day with all of her lovely friends made me so emotional. Before the party, which was unicorn themed surprise, surprise, we bought a cake. Now what I’m about to say sounds funny now but in the moment I was pretty cross I have to admit. Every unicorn cake I saw on the shelves in Tesco had snapped horns so a lovely girl found me a fortunate last one in the back. I carefully balanced it all the way home on top of the buggy and that afternoon when my back was turned for less than 2 minutes my two year old son ate it! The most ironic thing being the horn stayed perfectly in tact, haha. We finally bought a new cake, loads of unicorn cupcakes and everything went on to be perfect. She was super spoiled by everyone and received the most wonderful gifts then we came home and had a yummy bbq in the garden.

Appreciating local Activities

We have made the most of our beach a lot more recently, a local farm and all of the parks in our surrounding area. We are a little under a 5 minute walk to the sea front from our house and I’m conscious of reminding myself regularly of how fortunate we are to have that. It’s one of the rare things these days to be completely free yet it’s the most beautiful. We also have many parks within a walking distance to enjoy and who doesn’t love a picnic on the park? With all of the bank holidays and half terms we seem to have accumulated in such a short space of time, having so many free activities on our doorstep is such a blessing.

An affordable place we visited recently was Monarafon Farm, what a sweet little place that is. If anyone is ever looking for somewhere to go in North Wales this working farm is located in Abergele and there’s so much to do there. There is a daily schedule of meeting the chicks, lamb feeding, handling the rabbits etc, an indoor soft play area and a village themed play area. My kids really loved it there and we can’t wait to back again in the summer.

Aldi Yogurts Frozen

I’ve been buying a few of these the last couple of weeks and popping them in the freezer for my pudding or evening treat. It is like tucking into a little tub of ice cream but with zero fat. I know Fro-yo isn’t anything new but if you go to fro-yo emporiums they are still quite often loaded with sugar and can be very calorific. I take these out of the freezer a good 30/40 mins before I plan to eat it and it is at the perfect consistency. These yogurts come in all flavours cherry, passion fruit and mango, strawberry, toffee etc but these two are my favourites the raspberry ripple and banana and custard. Even better they are only 33p compared to 68p for the Muller Light version.

That’s everything I’ve been enjoying most in May hope you have had a fantastic month full of happiness and fun.

Until next time thank you for reading have a fabulous day


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