✨Brand V Budget~Laundry Cleaning Products✨

Ok so I am no brand snob a digestive biscuit is a digestive biscuit and a bag of frozen peas is a bag of frozen peas. Whether it says McVities or Aldi, Birds Eye or Tesco, I’m not too fussy to be fair. But there are a very few things I am sceptical of and will only ever buy the branded version. These include~ coffee, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, laundry detergent and laundry softener, toothpaste and HP sauce. I think that’s pretty good really that they are literally the only couple of things I am brand loyal to but I decided to challenge myself to test the own brand version to see if I could actually make the swap.

I typically buy my main shop from Aldi and then get my branded list from Tesco but sometimes it’s a pain having to go to two different supermarkets. I also find that popping into Tesco can often result in me making a couple of extra purchases I may not of bothered with had I not gone in there for my branded items. So I thought I would try out Aldi’s own versions and see what I thought of them in comparison. I decided this week I would start off with Laundry products~washing gels and softeners. I made sure I used both brands up completely to give a fair chance before coming to my conclusion. Here’s how I got on…

Branded~Bold 2in1 Gel & Comfort Creations

Well the packaging is pink and I’m a sucker for anything pink. To me this packaging says “I’m sweet, floral, girly and am going to leave a lovely fragrance on your clothes that will last all day”. The washing gel smells unbelievably fresh and sweet and the softer smells a bit like baby products all powdery and clean linen in fragrance. I find I reach for these same products the most and bold tends to be the one most on offer at Tesco.

I often wash everything on a 30• temperature and this really tests the products ability to wash properly indeed. I have to say everything always comes out wonderfully clean and smelling amazing.

Budget~Almat Gel & Almat So Soft (Aldi)

When trying out a the swap I went for a similar washing type but completely different fragrances to see if being non bias to a certain colour of product would give me a different view. This packaging says to me “I am fresh and clean smelling and will do a good job of cleaning your clothes”, especially since this washing gel especially claims to wash well, even at 15• temperature which is actually a better claim than the branded version which only states 30•

The lid that comes with the gel is very flimsy and cracked so I couldn’t use that to put the product in the drum with but that didn’t really alter my view. I just used the more sturdy one which came with the Bold gel instead. The softener doesn’t look like a really cheap looking product as the packaging does look quite luxurious. Constancy of the gel is fantastic exactly the same as the branded gel however the softer is a lot thinner than the Comfort one.

The washing gel smells fresh but a bit like washing up liquid to be honest but the softer is much nicer with a summer meadowy kind of fragrance. I can’t complain at all on the cleaning power I was very impressed and there were quite a few food soiled tops that went in with this wash and came out perfectly clear. After drying the clothes there wasn’t much fragrance on them, a bit like they hadn’t been washed at all really which was a little bit disappointing but they were really clean.

I figured another way of testing the products individually would be to switch them up in the way of trialing the brand products with the budget ones. I found both ways really made a difference and that it was the budget gel that was the least favourite product. The Bold gel and the Aldi softener worked together wonderfully and to be fair to the Aldi gel when used with the Comfort Creations softener it wasn’t too bad. The branded softener was obviously stronger at neutralising the washing up liquid type fragrance.

My conclusion

I found, even though the branded products were more expensive, they did last almost twice as long as the budget as I was using a lot more product for any fragrance to be apparent of the cheaper products. I have come to the conclusion that fragrance is the biggest factor for me when buying laundry products and the branded products always seem to live up to that for me. However with all things considered I have decided I would be willing to make a swap when it comes to fabric softeners. I will continue to purchase my usual branded gels and powders but will be open to trying out different types of own brand softeners from now on.

What are your thoughts on brand buying? Are you a self confessed’ brand snob’ or ‘brand loyal’ to any particular brands? Comment below 🙂

Thanks for stopping by until next time take care


  1. Must admit I am a brand snob when it comes to laundry products too. I did try supermarket own (Mr t’s) brand conditioner recently but one son complained of itchy nipples (sorry 😂) when wearing a top after wash and daughter said she felt like she had abyss in her pants. Both hadn’t known its swapped at the time. Back to my faithful brands.


    • ✨🤣 I do know what you mean like some things we can get away with but I think branded washing products are a bit more expensive for a reason and I just can’t smell anything on my clothes after using cheaper ones unless I pour half a bottle in🙄 thank you for reading hope you have a wonderful afternoon💞✨


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