✨Every Mum Body Is A ‘Real Mum’ Body✨

✨Please take this post in the way it is intended and that is from a good place. I understand if you aren’t feeling your best right now this post might not be for you, so if you are a little sensitive on body image issues then perhaps this one isn’t for you today✨

I am that person who celebrates each and every single girl, woman, Mummy on the planet. I have never been heard saying a negative comment about anyone they don’t even come into my head and I’m forever seeking the best in people. I am the first to point out how amazing someone looks, how happy I am for their success or how wonderful they are at something, I am a cheerleader for everyone.

But I have to say one thing has been on my mind recently and it’s the whole ‘This is what a real mum looks like’ quote. It’s everywhere we look at the moment and certainly a popular topic over on Instagram. Nothing offends me personally but I feel someone needs to speak out for the Mama’s who apparently don’t fit into that ‘category’. If we are to take what everyone says then basically if you were fortunate to avoid any stretch marks, if you we able to loose your baby weight quickly or if you work hard to keep in shape after childbirth then you are less of a Mother, you are not a ‘real Mum’. If we were to use that quote on the flip side all hell would break loose, you would be deemed as offensive.

Why is it ok to judge a mother of any kind? We celebrate Mother’s with stretch marks, we celebrate mothers with wobbly bits & we celebrate mother’s who are still carrying a bit of there baby weight. We ridicule Mothers for being able to loose their baby weight or dodge the stretch marks and then go and tell them they aren’t real Mums. There are an awful amount of ‘Perfect’ looking Mums who would be heartbroken by that just as much as a mum would be if someone told them they needed to get back in shape. So basically even though nobody should be put in a category, unfortunately it would seem we are bringing one set of Mums up by bringing the other set down. To make one feel better we are making the other feel bad, no matter which one this is aimed at it is wrong, full stop!

My question is why are there still millions of people out there negatively judging others, especially Mama’s??! I am here to big up all the Mummy’s of the world no matter what the hell shape or size you know why because we are all ‘real’. If you are a Mother you are a Mother, what’s not real about that? If you have a wobbly tummy or washboard abs you are still a Mother! What this all comes down to is confidence, self belief and self worth. I speak about this quite often but if you have confidence in yourself and know your own worth you wouldn’t speak negatively of others. I tell myself all the time there is always going to be someone more successful than me or more attractive than me etc and that’s ok I feel super happy for them, why because I’m happy with myself. You have to find that happy place, feel that contentment and understand that you are beautiful and pretty damn amazing for bringing another human being into the world.

I read so many comments made by people such as ‘she’s so skinny I thought she just had baby’ ‘she’s sprung back into shape she should be concentrating on her baby’ etc would this be acceptable if said from the opposite angle? I don’t think so. Be happy for others and not attack them for springing back into their skinny jeans two weeks post baby. I certainly didn’t bounce back I had to work hard to get back in shape but that didn’t mean I was a terrible or selfish mother. I think that is what a lot of people perceive, that if you loose your baby weight quicker than an average new Mum then you must be a rubbish one. Everyone says ‘be body confident’ ‘love your body’ but if you do this when you are slim you are ridiculed yet celebrated when not so slim?! Some ladies just loose their baby weight naturally quickly without even trying and that is perfectly fine, some ladies will forever carry a little extra baby weight and that too is perfectly fine.

My body isn’t aesthetically perfect to look at but it’s my body and I love every part of it, for what it is. I have a poppy out tummy, a crinkly belly button and empty little sacks for boobies which I can only say resemble a set of used pyramid teabags! But I would never even think to judge a mama with an awesome six pack and an amazing rack sitting somewhere underneath her chin. I would be like ‘Go On Girl! I would have no right to judge another woman for looking a certain way because she has put the work in to look like that when I haven’t.

Do you understand where I am coming from with all this? Can we just See how silly all this sounds? None of this would even be up for discussion if we all just chilled out, accept that we are all different and we all do things differently. We really need to support one another not harshly criticise and negatively judge one another, let’s show a little more kindness. If I had a wish right now it would be for every single Mother to love and cherish themselves, support and celebrate one another and to be happy. Be happy with themselves just as they are and if not, have the strength and motivation to change so they are the happiest they can be. It can often be tempting for some people to feel negative about others when they aren’t feeling too positive about themselves but we must remember that comparison is the thief of all joy.

So to round this post up I would like to say we are all Mummy’s, we are all real, we all have ‘real Mum bodies’ we are all in this together.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

✨Thankyou so much for reading have the most wonderful day~until next time stay fabulous💞✨


  1. Pyramid tea bags 😂 oh Amy that made me chuckle. Its also a perfect description of mine 😂 haha. I’ve always been body conscious and that’s made lack confidence in so much. But i hit 50 and realised how silly this was. I’m a mum of five, I’ve never got rid of my baby belly but so what. My body produced 5 incredible babies, was home to each of them for nine whole months. My boobs have never been big, so what? They were sufficient to feed the two of my five children I was able to breast feed. I’ve learnt to like my body and although I’ve only just got into the fitness side of things im learning to feed my body with goodness instead of the rubbish I’ve previously fed it. (sorry bod). So your whole blog made so much sense and was a wonderful read as usual. Thank you. Xx


    • ✨Thankyou so much that means such a lot it really does. These subjects are quite controversial I do understand but always hope that people take it in a gracious sense like yourself💫It makes me so happy to hear you are body confident I hope many women get their ‘lightbulb moment’ soon so they too can enjoy the feeling of true contentment💫have a wonderful day & im forever grateful for your support💫💞✨


  2. I am definitely a work in progress. I want to get healthier so I’m working towards that and not trying to focus on the scale. I love being a mom and would never hate my body because I got pregnant. I love your positivity! We are too judgmental of ourselves and others. Self love and self compassion are where we need to be. Thanks for sharing.


    • ✨thankyou so much for your comment I’m so glad you are feeling positive about yourself & we are all a work in progress sweetie that’s what keeps us going forever working on ourselves, our mindset & progression. Let’s spread the word together & keep these positive vibes & high vibrations bursting out for all to feel then hopefully one day soon everyone will believe the same
      Have a wonderful rest of your day my darling 💫💞✨

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