✨Primark Haul~Comfy Addition✨

I have to be honest I don’t tend to go to Primark often. Primarily the reason for this is we have to travel quite a way to the nearest one, but also I just find it difficult to really spot much I actually like. I see all these gorgeous girlies wearing amazing clobber right out of Primark then when I go, nothing! Recently I have found I’m morphing into some kind of comfort queen, long gone are the ‘dress up for the school run’ days! So I spontaneously fell into Primark this weekend and took a different approach to my shopping. Instead of looking for classic or girlie stuff I went in search of comfy and with these fresh eyes I saw everything~hallelujah!

Here’s what I bought…

Kicking off with some much needed gym wear and how lovely is this set? I’m a sucker for grey so this was a fantastic find👌🏼

✨Grey Vest £4 ✨Colour Block Leggings £10

This next set is so cool! I love the cross back on the vest and it’s super light weight quite like a woven PE shorts material. This colour is coming up quite red in the shot but is in actual fact a vibrant orange.

✨Slogan Elastic Vest £6 ✨Slogan Elastic Leggings £10

Well now I’m getting all the GymShark vibes from this and I am in love❤️ Seamless, super duper comfy and passes the squat test with flying colours, I am definitely going to buy these again in another colour!

✨Gradient Mint Crop Top £6 ✨Gradient Mint Leggings £8

Still in the comfy chumfy frame of mind I felt I was in need of a loungewear set for weekend chilling not that I ever get much chilling in like. I heard a girl say this didn’t fit her and left it in the changing room, she looked like a trendy Wendy and like she knew what ‘works’ so I trusted her loungewear judgement and whipped it up. If I’m being truthful I was half expecting it to not ‘work’ on me being a thirty plus mother of 3 clutching onto a smidging of youth but I kind of think I have another year in me yet🤣 I’m not too sure on this I would appreciate your guys opinion, don’t worry I don’t get offended so fire away😉

✨Washed Cropped Sweater £8 ✨Washed Slim Leg Joggers £10

I admit my inner Mel from ‘All Saints’ came out, I was thrown right back to the 90’s and I was feeling the camo people! I am actually really surprised at how much I like these and how well they actually fit~well done Primarni🙌

✨Camo Cargo Trousers £15

Please excuse the next snap, I can confirm that is my knee protruding out from my skirt👍🏻 What a comfy bargain this is too and so versatile. I can imagine this with cute flip flops/sandals and a vest top or with chunky trainers, band tee and leather jacket. Even an oversized jumper and Chelsea boots in colder weather.

✨Grey Jersey Maxi Skirt £6

I do love me a pair of culottes, forever perfect for dressing up or down and what a beautiful colour these are. Flats or heels, glamorous top or plain knotted tee these just work baby👌🏼 I have to say I’m not the tallest so these will look better on me with a wedge or heel, I did try hoiking them up but I’ll just say the word camel and leave it there🙈

✨Plisse Culottes £13

Well you simply can’t go comfy shopping and not slope out of the Jimmy’s section with at least one thing. Very Ted Baker esque these pyjamas are right up my street, and the slippers to boot! A far cry from my extremely unattractive fleecy’s I’ve been rocking of late, I shall now swish around feeling all silky and sweet.

✨Satin Cami £4.50 ✨Satin Shorts £4.50

Finally I bought every girls essentials

✨Kirby Grips £1

✨Shoe Liners £2.50

✨3 pack of plain black thongs £2.50 for the gym but nobody needs to see those bad boys!

✨Thanks for reading💞let me know what you thought of my little Primark haul what was your favourite?💫Beautiful to see you again😊take care my friends💞✨

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