✨What I Enjoyed most In June✨

So we are 6 months into the year that means we technically have, like 6 months until Christmas~just saying! If you’ve been around since last year you will know how ridiculously obsessed I am with Christmas so it will come as no shock I’m already mentioning it. Anyway let’s get into June the month we are all here for, what did I enjoy most let’s see….

Gender Reveal Party

So June kicked off with my gorgeous cousins gender reveal party and it was so fun. We have the biggest family, so many cousins who now have kids so that means even more cousins, seriously there are far too many of us to count! She put on the best spread for us all to enjoy leaving nothing out, even the vegetarians were all catered for! There was a bouncy castle, paddling pools and inflatables for the kids and they had the best time all playing wonderfully together. Catching up with family is number one on my favourite thing to do list every time nothing beats it. Oh and if you are all wondering it’s going to be a BOY! My favourite reveal of all the balloon pop, let us all know what the new arrival will be and I’m super excited for them!

Race For Life

My best friend asked me if I would join her in doing the race for life this year and I immediately jumped at the chance. I will often do spontaneous things for charity so this was no exception and spontaneous it was I signed up pretty last minute and for somebody who isn’t a runner in the slightest, I thought I’d give it my best shot. We recently lost my beautiful Auntie who also happened to be my godmother and my husbands Nana a couple of years ago, both to cancer. I had them both at the forefront of my mind from start to finish and both of their names on my back sign. Seeing everyone coming together made the day even more emotional and being able to share the experience with my incredible friend, made it even more meaningful.

My Eldest Sons Birthday

I am struggle to comprehend the fact that I am a mother to a 12 year old! I feel like I blinked, fast forwarded at the speed of light and now my wonderful boy is almost moving up into the second year of high school?! Anyway I don’t know if anyone else has this issue but I really find it hard to buy for this age especially boys. I find he’s way past the age of playing with toys but not quite at the age of appreciating say, a decent watch or aftershave or clothes. We played it safe and went straight down the middle present wise and he wasn’t fussed on a party, so we did a little tea party at home and decided on a caravan holiday instead. He was spoiled as ever by everyone and really had a fantastic time split between my house and his Dads house. I really feel quite emotional thinking about how my little boy is growing up so fast, how proud of him I am and how much I love him more than the world. He is not only my Son but my friend, as I feel by having him so young I was able to grow with him and that’s a special kind of bond that I forever cherish.

Daddy/Daughter Fathers Day Disco

Well if this wasn’t the cutest thing to ever see! The school my children go to organised a Fathers Day disco and the theme was Beauty and the beast, how adorable. Belle and the Beast made a special appearance, there where people doing glitter tattoos and face painting and there were sweets and treats galore. The most magical moment was all of the Daddy’s slow dancing with their Daughters its was heart melting. A precious memory I will always hold dear in my thoughts will be that of my wonderful husband picking up our beautiful little girl, dressed in her Belle outfit and twirling her around on the dance floor. Such a perfect picture, two of my favourite people in the world dancing and smiling together, a treasured Father/Daughter moment that will be cherished forever.

Family BBQ

Another day another big family meet up and I for one am not complaining, I just love them! This time it was my beautiful cousins 16th birthday. Once again it was so wonderful to see everyone & enjoy some good food and good matter. All of our millions of kids played amazingly as ever in the garden and on the trampoline and I can’t wait for the next one!

Caravan Break

We did our first ever caravan holiday this month at Haven in Pwllheli, North Wales. How lovely it was to have 4 nights away and it be so chilled. Don’t get me wrong I adore our holidays abroad and nothing beats that but there’s something about going at your own pace, without the pressure of hotel life with kids. There is so much to do at Haven, loads of activities for children of all ages, a fantastic swimming pool and a great range of places to eat. The Coast House on the resort was so good for burgers I actually had the same one, two nights running! Here it is~chicken breast burger with smoked bbq sauce, cheese and smoked bacon served with skin on herby fries and coleslaw, quite possibly the best tasting chicken burger I’ve ever eaten the only downside was that it had to end!

We went on a dragon peddle boat on a lovely lake, the kids did trampolining, mini golf, had hours of fun in the parks and arcade and spend every day in the fantastic swimming pool. We made a trip out into Pwllheli and visited the beautiful beach they have there, it was so calm, clean and peaceful.

We only did the evening entertainment on the first night as my youngest children weren’t that into it, so we went out for dinner the other evenings and then had chilled nights in back at the caravan. We aren’t big goer outers really so we enjoyed doing that, especially having been so busy throughout the day times.The kids took so many toys to play with and us adults played cards, had a cheeky glass of wine or two and played cards. Oh and of course we watched our favourite show Love Island on catch up, no matter where we are or what we are doing we can’t miss that!🤣

Wellness Water

This isn’t ground breaking by any means, but last month saw me switch up my boring morning pint of water and start enjoying this instead. It’s literally a slice of lemon and a slice of lime in cooked boiled water, which I keep topping up throughout the morning. By drinking this along with taking all my multivitamins, allows all of the fantastic nutrients to absorb efficiently thanks to the victim in C in the citrus fruits. Plus the warm water is kinder to the gut first thing in the morning. I feel refreshed, hydrated, energised and all round healthier starting my day with this super delicious drink.

Garlic Seasoning

I enjoy food so much and I enjoy food with flavour, so you will rarely find anything bland on my plate. I thought I was doing well with all of my usual seasonings and condiments, seems this little ground breaker has been slipping the net all this time! I originally bought this to use on my roasties and now it’s tripped over into all categories in the food department. I sprinkle this in my omelettes, on sandwiches, chicken, wedges, veggies, in stir fry’s, over salad you get the jist! If you haven’t tried this before get down to Tesco and treat yourself it’s only £2 and when you try it you will 100% thank me for also changing your life!

So that’s June all wrapped up and a few of the highlights. We really did so much more including parks and beach trips we’ve had kids parties, BBQ’s and my Themed Caribbean night but this blog post would go on even more!

What were your highlights of the past month?

Until next time thanks again for reading💞✨

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