✨Positive Morning Routine✨

What does your usual morning routine look like? Are you a ‘serial snoozer’, a ‘spring out of bedder’ or a ‘yes I’m up but I left my head on my pillow’ kinda person? If you are looking to switch up your routine for the better, read on to find my top tips, on how to enjoy a positive morning routine. These are things I actually do every morning, so they are tried and tested and I can say they 100% contribute to my positive morning mindset.


Easy for me to say being such a morning person you say, but you too can train yourself to becoming a morning person. It all comes down to routine and habit, but getting into a habit begins with taking that first step, so set that alarm super early! I set mine for 6am generally, this gives me a good 2 and a half hours to leisurely go about my morning. To start your day the best way possible you need to allow yourself enough time to enjoy the morning without rushing to fit everything in, which sets a negative tone, rather than the positive one you are trying to achieve.


As soon as I jump out of bed I immediately make it, throw the curtains and window open and tidy around. This can be picking up washing off the floor from the night before and clearing anything from the side drawers. I don’t like anything out of place in my bedroom, I like to keep it as clear and minimal as possible. To be faced with a cluttered, untidy bedroom as soon as I opened my eyes would most definitely make me feel stressed and stress FREE is what we want for this ‘positive morning’ routine.


On the odd morning I like to start the day with either meditation or some simple quiet time, before my kids get up. To ensure I am able to fit this in, I will get up 10/15 minutes even earlier when possible. I used to think I was able to meditate when I actual fact I was just sat with my eyes closed. Until one day I discovered a guy called Eric Ho on YouTube, he creates the best guided meditation videos and I really learned how to do it properly. Starting your day with some simple guided meditation is one of the best things you can do in my opinion. Your mind is at its calmest on waking so you will get the very most out of your practice at this time. When you have finished you feel refreshed, clear headed and ready to take on the day. Give it a try, but definitely start off with guided meditations you’ll understand what I mean when you do.


If meditation isn’t quite your thing that’s cool, we don’t judge on this blog 😁How about giving some light exercise a try? Or go all full body HITT, run Forrest run, Olympic swimming, dead lifting GI Jane, whatever floats your boat! The point is whatever you do as long as you are being active those little beauts AKA endorphins will take over, work their magic and you will be feeling A~Mazing! Awww you’re welcome 😉


If you are looking for a spring in your step, like who doesn’t?! start your day with a good wake up shower. Use some energising products like a fresh shower gel with a citrus burst and a good body exfoliator, to get that blood circulating and that energy flowing. Plus how can you not have a positive morning when you are at your cleanest and smelling your freshest?


You know that outfit you’ve been saving for a day you feel good? How about looking at this from a different angle? You know if you wear that outfit today, your day will be a really good one! Why? Because you will instantly feel your best and when you feel your best, you show much more confidence and when you feel confident, you are in a much more positive frame of mind. Since you got up so early this morning you now have time to do your hair in a way that makes you feel fabulous and maybe pop on a bright lipstick. You can’t whack on a bright pink or red and not feel a little bit brighter!


Who doesn’t love a to do list? I’ve been making these since I was about 6, I live for a to do list. There is something about ticking off a task that just lets off all the happy feels. The sense of achievement, even if it was just toilet brushing the loo is incredible and when we succeed at something we feel great, feeling great is a positive feeling right? Write that list, be it chores, appointments, essentials you need to pick up from the shop. Once it’s off your mind and down on paper your mind will be much clearer if nothing else.

EAT LIKE A KING (or a queen)

We all know how much I love a healthy breakfast and this I cannot recommend enough. This would be at the top of my list only I’m doing this in order of my routine so let’s just roll with it 😁 Think colourful, fresh, seasonal and filling, you need to fuel that beautiful body. A rich tea dunked in a builders brew just isn’t going to cut it, your going to experience a blood sugar drop around elevenses and most probably one hell of a mood swing to boot. Good nutrition is so important and if you start your day consuming some fruits, some healthy carbohydrates, a good source of protein and a whole pint or two of water you are much more likely to continue that on throughout the rest of the day. You won’t want to ruin your good start and will be most inclined to select better food choices throughout the rest of your day.


The most positive people out there will tell you the first secret to happiness is showing the universe your gratitude. Really becoming mindful of all that is good in your life and truly feeling grateful for opening your eyes again that morning is a fast track way to positivity. Practicing mindfulness and becoming present is something worth doing every single day. Find a moment when you are still or can become calm minded and give yourself a moment to really think.


Know in your mind or at least try to figure out what it is you wish to get out of the day. This might not be something you do everyday, but on the odd day you do this, you will find it will put you into a positive mindset. Waking up and kind of moseying on through your morning doesn’t make you feel very productive, and often the most productive people are the most positive. Wether it’s to finish work on time today, take a proper dinner break, make that gym class, call your mum? They don’t have to be groundbreaking, I mean they can if you want them to be, you do you!


ALEXA, PLAY HAPPY MUSIC!” is all you need to say and she will do the rest! Listening to music is one of the best ways we can tap into our emotions. You need a little extra help with those positive feels? Play some uplifting and happy tunes to get into the best and most positive mood possible.


Finally, before you head out of the door tell yourself how worthy you are of a positive day. How much you appreciate yourself for the beauty you really are. How much you believe in yourself and no matter what you put your mind to, no matter what you wish for in life, you are capable of anything!

There you have it~obviously I’m a mum of 3 I have my mummy things to do in the morning too, but if you are looking for a mummy morning routine I have previously written one called ‘How I save time on a busy school morning’.

Do you do any of these things already?

Do you have any positive morning tips of your own you would like to share? Comment below I’d love to add it to my list 😁

I am always so very grateful for this moment of your time when you read my post ~Thankyou💞✨


  1. A good read as always. One of my morning routines is walking the dog. Walking the streets at 6am when there’s hardly anyone about in this quiet village is so peaceful. It allows me time to savour the beauty of the surrounding countryside I live in. In summer the sun rise is beautiful and sets me up for the day, in winter the twinkling stars and dark clear sky is something I could sit and gaze at for ages. Things I’d miss if I didn’t have my dog to walk.


    • ✨I imagined each thing you said perfectly then as if I were there myself, it looked beautiful to me 😊 I’m so glad you liked the post makes me super happy 😁 I love a good routine especially a morning one 💫💞✨


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