✨6 Weeks Summer Holiday’s On A Budget🍦☀️✨

Be it a stay at home parent or working one, both equally have there pros and cons. The working parent would love to be at home and I can guarantee you the stay at home parent would love nothing more than a day in ‘work’. Either way the six weeks holidays are a fun time for the kids but they can also be really fun and stress free for us parents too. With some simple planning, organising and a bit of preparation you can create a smooth 6 weeks holidays for all included.

I am a stay at home mum of 3 children my eldest boy is 12, my youngest boy is 3 and my daughter is 5. I find by getting them involved in creating a kind of bucket list, each thinking of ideas that are free and low cost the best way to start. I then split into 2 categories ‘Out and About’ and ‘At Home’. I then make a table for each week and start filling in each day with activities. Each child takes it in turns each week to think of something that will cost money, having 3 children they get to pick twice each, so everyone is happy. We will then do free or really low cost activities for the rest of the week.

(An example of one we did one half term)

I find by getting organised like this really helpful, as you don’t have any days where you wake up and spend half the day all trying to decide what to do, as it’s already planned out ready.

✨Here is our ideas list✨


• Park and picnic

• Beach & picnic ~take kite, buckets, spades & ball etc

• Nature walk with scavenger hunt

• Camping & marshmallow toasting

• Bike/scooter ride

• Bowling

• Football match/sports events

• Mini golf / driving range

• Cinema / Theatre

• Swimming

• Feed the ducks

• Library start a reading challenge

• Farm trip

• Museum

• Soft Play area

• Usual day trips such as Zoo, train rides, theme park, ice cream farm etc

• Free local events such as carnivals, car show, flower show, air show, open top red bus

• Take a drive to a different town we have lots of lovely places such as Llandudno, Anglesey, Betws-y-Coed, Conwy etc and just go with the flow when you get there, do some exploring

At Home

• Chalk pictures & games on concrete~hop scotch/naughts & crosses etc

• Hide & seek

• Customise/jazz up old clothes~ draw on an old T-shirt, make shorts out of old jeans & add glitter or sequins

• Wash the car

• Bake & learn to cook something such as decorating biscuits, homemade pizzas, cakes or even cooking dinner

• Games day~ play board games with plenty of snacks

• Cinema at home~ blankets, snacks & snuggles

• Make a den

• Garden day~ paddling pool, water fights & obstacle course

• Play dough, arts & crafts, painting, make thankyou cards, wind chimes, dream catchers etc

• Organise a play date invite friends over for lunch & playtime

• Pamper afternoon~ especially good if you have daughters

• Kids yoga or exercise video

• Plant flowers, create a fairy garden

• Have a clear out & donate to charity

• Have a garden party ‘afternoon tea’ style with music, fancy sandwiches, make homemade bunting on your craft day & make the most of that baking

• Jigsaw puzzles or other practical learning games/activities

• Visit family you’ve not seen in a while take a little gift to say thankyou for being them, maybe something you’ve made

• Get our all of the old photo albums, home videos & look back on all of the wonderful memories, kids love seeing their own baby photos

• Play dress up have a competition who can look the silliest or best dressed

• Play with all of those millions of toys Santa bought last Christmas

Set yourself a budget and stick to it, the 6 weeks holidays do not have to be expensive it’s what you make of it at the end of the day. Don’t feel guilty about not having a bottomless wallet and remember it’s the quality time spent your children will remember, not how much money you spent.

Accept that there are going to be the odd afternoons or day even where your children get a little bored and that’s fine. It would be impossible for you to be able to entertain them every single moment of the day, this gives them the opportunity to use their own initiative and imagination.

Finally where possible try and fit a one to one date with each child, if you have more than one of course. I do this every half term when I can and certainly once in the 6 weeks holidays. I especially like to do this with my eldest as he is at an age where he’s almost completely outgrown wanting to spend time with me, so I really make the most of it.

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