✨💫💞I’m Back💞💫✨

Hi everyone it’s been a while but I’m back! I’ve really missed checking in with you all the last couple of weeks especially I have to say. I decided to take the entire 6 weeks holidays off from the gym and my blog and basically anything that didn’t revolve around my children. We had such a fun holidays, super busy and jam packed as ever but most importantly I wanted to give them all of my attention and concentrate on some important changes and milestones. I had a teen boy getting prepared for year 8, my middle child starting year one and my youngest starting pre school. I had so much to prepare for with my youngest especially for example cracking the potty training, learning to leave the dummy and comforter behind (currently still trying to excel at this) not to mention zero time to pee alone never mind getting into the writing zone!

Nevertheless we are all wonderful and well, back into a routine, I’m back in the gym without having to rely on baby sitters, I feel inspired to write and ready to get back to being ‘Live Positively Chic’ again😁

If you have any blog post suggestions comment them below as I’d love to hear your input or ideas😁

Also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @livepositivelychic


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