✨Positivity Water✨

✨I disclaim if you have or are experiencing any serious health problems please seek medical help and advise from a doctor. All views, beliefs and opinions are my own and I understand this post won’t be for everyone.✨

My Positivity Water has become a rather significant part of my life, there really isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t use it at some point throughout my day. What in the world are you talking about I hear you ask, well let me explain…

I have made the decision to start being a bit more open on here regards to my beliefs and spirituality. I think by being more transparent it will allow me to be completely myself and in turn you may take so much more value from what I say. But for now let’s keep it simple with my water. I understand there will be many people who think this is all a bit mad or woo woo but believe me when I say this 100% works for me.

My Positivity Water is basically a ‘Moon Water’ which I create in the full moon phase of the lunar cycle. The water is charged by all of the powerful energies of the moon amplified by the intentions I personally give to it. The benefits of using positivity water vary, much depending on the intent you give to the water and also the amount of emotion you attach to it. Like I always say on my Instagram posts, by attaching an emotion to something allows the energy to set itself in motion, allowing for better results.

Say for example you have bad skin, you may decide to give the water one of the intentions of healing and then consciously use the water as a toner. You feel anxious or overwhelmed easily then give the water the intention of calm then feel yourself relax when you rub some on your temples for instance.

The way I make this water is I firstly wait for a Full Moon. You can easily find out the dates online~the next one is due on 13th October 2019. Simply all I do then is run my tap on the fastest setting so it’s well flushed through, take a jar or bottle which has a lid and fill to the top. Natural running water is said to be more beneficial for things like this but just because water runs naturally, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s clean or safe, especially if you chose to drink some, so I’d stick to tap water, it has always worked precisely for me. I then wait until the evening, go outside with bare feet and allow myself to become grounded with the universe. This is a good time to take a moment to bow down, give thanks for all you are grateful for, take some deep breathes and calm your mind. I Silence everything around me mentally and only keep my intentions as my main focus. For instance for the water I made recently I chose healing, good health, happiness, positivity, wisdom and abundance as my intentions. With the lid removed I hold my hand over the jar and repeat my intentions for the water over and over until I feel I’ve made connection. I place the lid onto the jar and assure the universe I have faith and that I have every trust in it. I then leave the water outside in the light of the full moon allowing it to infuse with all of the powerful energy it possesses. You need to think of all the positive things you wish to feel, experience or have and really put those thoughts and emotions into your water. The more you feel and believe in the intention and the more you trust in the universe, I guarantee you will benefit in abundance.

The effects of a full moon last for up to 48 hours so by leaving the jar outside for a second night will ensure maximum infusion. Also good to know if you miss the full moon you still also have the opportunity the following night. I do believe I can create my positivity water with sunlight too but I am yet to practice this myself so this something I will be trying very soon~I will keep you posted.

When the Positivity Water is ready the following morning, it’s ready to use immediately. The main way I use my water for daily general well-being is by dipping my fingers in and dabbing my pulse points on my wrists and temples, behind my ears, my heart centre, my third eye area and finally my crown point on the top of my head. Breathing deeply, bringing myself back into the present, realigning my thoughts, reminding myself of the waters intentions and thinking positively. I revisit the water many times throughout the day for many reasons, which can be for general cleansing, for a pick me up or energy boost or for when I feel a negative energy building within. One of which is the feeling of being overwhelmed which I can get quite often. When I feel this coming over me the first thing I do is douse my pressure points with the water, diluting the negative and replacing it with the positivity from the water.

You can transfer some of the water into a spray bottle to take out with you to cleanse your aura on the go or to spray around your home to cleanse your living space. You can add some to your bath water for a calming moon bath, use as part of a facial routine, you can even drink some but I would only recommend doing so the morning after it’s been made. If you wish to drink after this point you could boil the water first but it’s my belief many of the energies would then be destroyed. Add some to your vase of flowers, if you are experiencing a joint or muscle pain consciously rub a few drops of the water into the area to aid recovery, really there are many ways in which this water benefits your mind, body and soul.

Finally something to think about~ the earth is made up of approximately 70% water, the human body is also made up of approximately 70% water. If the moon is capable of using its energy to effect the water on earth such as the sea and the tide etc then who’s to say it doesn’t effect our mood and emotions?

Let me know your thoughts on this, I am always open to opinions and suggestions and I’m never offended personally if this isn’t something you don’t believe in or agree with🙏🏼😊 Even more so let me know your positive thoughts ~ will this be something you will be trying out yourself?

Many thanks for taking the time to read as always I am very grateful💫💞✨


  1. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing. It has been a great insight. When I saw your insta post I was intrigued and it’s lovely the way you explained the whole process and thought behind it. It is great to learn and respect other people’s beliefs 👍🤩


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