✨Understanding The Law Of Attraction✨

You may or may not of heard of the Law Of Attraction before, you may of heard of it and not believe in it or you may have absolutely no idea what in the world I’m talking about. It may seem everyone is jumping on some woo woo bandwagon and all of a sudden believing this positivity hoohaa, but let me tell you this is something I have believed in and have been conscious of for over a decade, so I believe I have a little experience in explaining the concept to you.

So as not to complicate it too much I will explain as brief as I can and expand on individual things again in additional posts. The Law states like attracts like, thoughts become things, essentially what you give out you receive back and your thoughts determine your reality. You think negative thoughts you attract negativity into your life, you think positive thoughts you attract positivity into your life. It does get much deeper than this but this is the easiest way to digest it, like a magnet you attract whatever you give out. Since the Law Of Attraction was discovered in 1877 even many of the greatest scientists, leaders and even actors have believed and successfully used the law of attraction such as Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, even Will Smith and Oprah Winfrey.

I understand that energy is everything and everything is energy, science backs this up energy is infinite, it is always there and can’t be destroyed. Our thoughts are a vibrational, powerful and magnetic energy which are put out into the universe, so it’s important we are on a high vibrational frequency as the higher the vibrational frequency the more positive and quicker the outcome. David Hawkins a famous psychiatrist and author, created a chart which measures your state of consciousness, I will go into it in more depth another time, but basically on this chart is a scale which goes from low state of consciousness/ vibrational energy to high. If you sit in the low frequency with low vibrations you are trapped in that negative energy possibly attracting quite negative things into you life not to mention a low mood. The higher your state of consciousness means you are able to raise your vibrations in turn making it possible for you to attract positivity, good things into your life and you are able to manifest successfully in abundance. I will create a guide on how to raise your vibrations very soon.

The law of attraction is always working whether it is for the positive or the negative, the universe isn’t fussy it doesn’t chose. For example you keep having bad relationships you think ‘why am I always ending up with the wrong people, the bad ones essentially’, guess what you are going to keep attracting the wrong people. You think ‘I’m always skint, I can’t afford anything new, guess what you are always going to find yourself having money problems, unexpected bills coming from nowhere, you may loose some cash somewhere. On the flip side you think ‘Wow I’m happy with x,y,z I’m so grateful for a good day in work etc guess what you will attract more of that. You really need to learn to be more conscious of your thoughts they are so powerful. There are so many stages of consciousness but the main ones are your conscious mind, your sub conscious mind and your unconscious mind for example the auto pilot mind or sleep/dream phase. Many things happen in the law of attraction from a sub conscious level, so it’s important to make yourself aware as much as you can of the conscious thoughts you have as these are ones you have most control over.

You can use the law of attraction for manifesting things into your life you really want. The book the Secret tells you to consciously focus on something in particular, believing you already have it and it will come to you. As much as this is totally correct there is a little more to it than that, you must envision what it is you want but rid the feeling of desire. Desire is a low vibrational energy so you must feel as though you already have the thing you want, attach emotions to it how does it feel to walk around with said thing, how does it feel to drive it maybe, what are your feelings towards it. An emotion is a vibration so essentially an emotion is energy-in-motion. Now let the thought go and most importantly trust the universe is working in your favour and watch your manifestation unfold. You can not doubt the universe at this stage as this is giving a negative vibe and it will take much longer to come to you, if at all even. There have been so many things I have manifested into my life, a couple of things have been right in front of people and they have been shocked but then brush it off as a coincidence. I will write a post on these things and why I believe there is no such thing as a coincidence.

Negative thoughts just breed negative outcomes like crazy, which in turn can create a life of annoyance, low mood, uncertainty unfortunate events, sadness even depression. We all know that thing where one thing goes wrong we feel negative about it, then another thing goes wrong, then another and before we realise it’s spiralled out of control and we think “woe is me” then and get stuck in the cycle.

Positive thoughts breed positive outcomes like crazy which in turn can create a life of abundance, happiness, good fortune, a trusting that everything just goes right. We think wow this is a wonderful feeling then we keep attracting more of that. We all know those people, the ones who everything always seems to just go right for them. Instead of feeling negative towards that, start thinking like them and before you know it you too will be the one basking in abundance and enjoying the positive benefits of the Law Of Attraction!

For me understanding the law of attraction has changed my life for the better and I am happy and content with all that I am and all that I have. It wasn’t always this way, which is why I know this Law works and everything I believe in beyond the law of attraction is true to me. I will expand on what beliefs the law of attraction have lead me to in another post but for now I hope I have explained the concept in way in which is easier to understand.

Have you heard of the Law Of Attraction before?

Is this something you already practice?

If this is the first time you are hearing or reading about this is this something that resonates with you?

If you have any questions you would like me to answer pop them in the comments below

Thanks so much for reading have a wonderful rest of your week

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